It is certainly a fast changing field and the only way to stay a highly sought-after expert is to be aware of any developments and to keep on top of the latest trends. This is why those who have a minimum of two programming languages and are continually growing their knowledge base are particularly sought-after by employers.


Because having a wide range of programming languages is in fashion in the present and I'm frequently confronted by students with questions like "How long does it take to learn Java if I know JavaScript?", I've thought of writing an article about the topic.


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Why Should You Master Java if You Already Know JavaScript?


The decision of which language that you want to switch to can be challenging, and people who code typically seek proof that it is worth the effort. To help you choose the appropriate language, here's some proof that shows how Java is an excellent choice to start even if there is already JavaScript already mastered.


Broader Skills


Being able to use several programming languages could be compared to the job of a handyman who is equipped with many tools that he uses to accomplish different tasks. In the same way, those who have more than three languages in their repertoire can create complicated projects. Based on the issues you'd like to resolve with your project, you may learn the language (from the ones you already have at disposal) which will surely assist you in resolving the issue.


Greater Opportunities


The more experience and knowledge that a programmer has, the greater the job possibilities and career opportunities they can enjoy. Nowadays, many companies are seeking universal developers. If you are an "monolingual" programmer, you are restricted to one or two positions in projects. But being able to master three or two programming languages gives you many career options and helps you find the perfect job.


Higher Revenue


As many languages that you are familiar with the more you will earn to pay for your own living and the businesses will offer higher salaries for "multilingual" specialists. In the year of 2018, Coding Dojo analyzed job postings within Fortune 25 companies and found that they all had a single language in use. They use a polyglot codebase and therefore are looking for experts who speak multiple languages at the ready.


How Long Does It Take to Learn Java if I Know JavaScript?


Moving between JavaScript to Java may be both easy and more difficult than the transition from C++, for example. The time needed to master Java depends on a variety of aspects: your learning pace and your coding experience, as well as your determination to put in the work.


If you allocate an hour or so to study every day, it can take up to two or three weeks to master a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and begin developing something simple. If you'd like to begin working using Java as soon as you can it's up to you . make sure you're available during the day and evening to study, and you'll be eligible be considered for your very first Java programmers job at a the earliest opportunity. The sky is the limit.


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Sources to Master Java


To make learning more enjoyable and faster learning process there are many interactivity Java programming courses available on the internet. However, I'd like to share some of my personal favorites that might be of interest to you.


The Complete Java Masterclass


This Java course from Udemy is perfect for those who already have a previous experience with a programming language, but would like to include Java to their knowledge and. It allows you to master Java without difficulty. It covers the most important aspects and concepts, from Java basics to more advanced topics like OOP, Java collections, lambda expressions, multithreading and more.