SOLIS S50 is the epitome of toughness when it comes to delivering exceptional performance on the fields. This strong and sturdy tractor maximises output and is the perfect farming professional. The best match for all your farming as well as gardening needs, this efficient tractor is built to survive all kinds of terrains. Equipped with a powerful natural aspirated 3 cylinder engine, S50 runs smoothly without making a lot of noise. The heavy duty 4 wheel drive of this tractor complements its high back up torque and high lifting capacity of up to 1600kg and thus allowing heavier and larger implements to be used with ease. The tractor has an impressive engine speed of 2100 RPM and PTO speed of 540 RPM, which enhances the farming experience. Moreover, S50 is powered with a competent constent mesh/synchromesh8F+2R/12F+12R transmission which takes productivity several notches higher.

What sets apart SOLIS S50 from its competitors is the way it enhances the complete user experience with its advanced safety and comfort features. The oil immersed brakes legitimizes complete independence even in extreme conditions and is more durable. Power steering helps in reinforcing the traction capability and reduces operational stress for the user. Other features include auto hitch, neutral safety switch, fuel indicator gauge and ROPS. When it comes to comfort, this mini tractor exceeds expectations and is equipped with a spacious cabin to enhance the driver’s comfort. The tractor has an illuminated dashboard and adjustable, sprung seat with safety belt which facilitates convenience and enhances productivity. The sleek and stylish bonnet exudes a sense of modernity and dynamism.

This farming professional is empowered with 2DA Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit, which increases the versatility of the tractor by allowing it to perform additional functions with different attachments. With SOLIS S50, you can use a range of attachments without jeopardizing with the performance of the tractor. Available attachments consist of a bucket, pallet fork, grab bucket, 4-in-1 bucket etc. Overall, S50 is any farmer’s delight, due to its versatility. Buy this smart tractor and upgrade your farming experience.


Let’s understand how you can achieve higher yields on your farm with Solis farm experts.

1.    Access To Timely Farm Operations   

2.    Timely farm operations are key to yielding promising outcomes in terms of enhanced productivity. By using Solis farm tractors, smallholder farms can carry out or execute large farm operations more efficiently within a short period. This is because our tractor allows farmers to run all sorts of farm manoeuvres with ease, such as harrowing, tilling, planting, harvesting, etc. all of which are very critical for farming. This, in turn, leads to reaping a healthy harvest and earning more money.

3.    Elimination of Total Labor Cost   Farm mechanization refers to the development and use of machinery to replace human and animal power in agricultural processes. This method not only reduces labour costs to a significant level but also boosts productivity. Solis tractors give you the privilege to implement farm mechanization at all fronts and run your farm ventures easily. For example, you can use different farm implements with Solis tractors and easily save your time and energy while farming, which otherwise would have wasted on working with labour.

4.    Maximizing Your Use of The Arable Land

When tractors are not available, farmers cannot make full use of their land; either they fail to fully cultivate their crops or parts of their crop yields spoil before they can complete their harvest. By getting access to our Solis tractors, farmers can farm on a larger scale easily, simply because Solis tractors, make work faster and easier and thus support farmers to cultivate larger areas in a short period, which ultimately leads to increased productivity.

5.    A Tough Performer

Extreme weather conditions for example changes in temperature, change in the precipitation patterns, change in extreme weather, etc may all result in reduced crop productivity. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of Solis Tractor you can work irrespective of the weather conditions and take your farming to a whole new level. 


How Solis tractors have been successful in creating a benchmark of versatility?


Solis tractors for sale UK are possessed with versatile features that make them an Agri professional. With unmatched versatility, we aim to make a healthier and greener ecosystem. Our farm tractors are integrated with marvellous features that offer versatility in every manoeuvre and venture. With hydraulic trailer brakes and dual lines pneumatic trailer brakes, you can ensure safe tread on your farm and construction site. Additionally, with a front PTO, quick attach TPL and mechanical self-levelling loader, you can take your manoeuvres to the next level.   QUICK ATTACH LOADER (OPT)
Versatile and precise, the quick attach loader brings innovative design and user-friendly functions like 
automatic self-levelling for the highest levels of efficiency.
The level indicator is simple & easy to use and easy to store with a stand. Moreover, the quick-change attachments & lever system help in precise loading and unloading seamlessly.



Built to cater to all your needs, Solis tractors can work with different land types and topographies. This is because our modern tractors can work with a multitude of tyre options that can easily be utilised for all sorts of farm manoeuvres regardless of the field size and field type.


The hydraulics capacity of Solis tractors enables the user to lift loads of weight effortlessly, with an advanced auxiliary hydraulic circuit and high lifting capacity it throws high flow to the crops. Moreover, these mighty hydraulics promote the highest level of flow rate in hydraulics which in turn increases hydraulic pump efficiency.


At Solis, we truly acknowledge the fact, that you might come across different needs at different times and that is exactly why we have various farm tractors for every terrain and every landscape. But that is not it. With every unit of Solis tractor, you can attach tons of farm implementation tools and elevate your farming experience easily.