It’s the time to disco and PARTY HARD this New Year 2023. But before you purchase the food items and invite your friends, you must first answer a very important question - IS YOUR HOME PARTY READY?

Well, instead of stressing, this New Year cleaning checklist will make your home welcoming for your guests.

So, uthhao jhadoo and ho jao shuru

To help you get your house ready for the party, here is some prominent advice by the top providers of deep cleaning in Gurgaon along with a checklist.

A List of Winter Cleaning Tasks:

Vacuuming Different Corners of House: Gently vacuuming the furniture from the various corners can keep the dust away. Furthermore, clean the tops of the doors, fan blades, windows and many other things like:

  • Doors

  • Chair rails 

  • Mirrors 

  • Plates for electrical outlets

  • Kitchen upper cabinets

  • Computers, televisions, and other electronics

  • Stacks of books

Cleaning Refrigerator Effectively

  • Clean the area behind the refrigerator. Specifically, the refrigerator's bottom or back condenser coils. Your refrigerator may last longer and operate more effectively if these are cleaned.


  • If your refrigerator's coils are on the back, you will need to remove it from the wall and disconnect it while you work. After cleaning up any dust and debris on the floor, you can vacuum or brush the coils.

Cleaning Fan Blades

  • Clean the ceiling fan blades that collect a lot of dust and debris. According to the providers of deep cleaning in Delhi, when cleaning the blades, use a soft cloth and wear a specs so that the dust does not fall into the eyes.  


So, if you are looking for a rocking party this New Year, then make it a point to hire the top Gurgaon deep cleaning service providers and have a memorable party experience.