As a homeowner, I know almost nothing about home repair or maintenance, including plumbing, and one of the first things I found out about plumbing is that you will eventually have a problem. It's a hard pill to swallow, and what made it worse was that some of my plumbing bathroom installers Southampton issues required a frantic search for an emergency plumber near me to save the day.

It's the worst feeling in the world to be waiting by your door for someone to come help you when you know you should be able to do something. But what can you do?

Actually, as terrible as the feeling is that your plumbing will be the end of you, there are a few things you can do before you make that phone call:

Turn Off the Water - It seems so simple, but by simply turning the water supply off, you do yourself a world of good. By turning off the water, you reduce your chances of having serious water damage from adding insult to injury. Take the time you now have to at least clean the area up for two reasons: 1) your own peace of mind; & 2) it gives your plumber as clean an area to work in as possible. You would be surprised to know how many home repair professionals have their work made harder by clutter.

Keep Your Strategy Simple & Logical - My plumbing knowledge is rudimentary at best, but in the case of a clogged toilet, I recalled using a plunger with my dad years before. The physics behind its use is straightforward, but it was effective. When I've had a clogged drain in the shower or sink, I remembered that it might just be hair. Using a piece of rigid wire shaped into a small hook, I was able to alleviate the problem. These are basic tactics, but it made for one less emergency phone call to my local plumber.

Find Out Who's Available - I'm not much of a planner, but my wife takes up the slack on my shortcomings. Her proactive work on homeownership has been a real blessing in more ways than one. When we moved into our new home, she went around the whole house getting familiar with water shut-off valves just in case a problem came up down the line. She got around to talking to neighbors for plumber recommendations & even shopped around online for the best plumbers in the area. Knowing my penchant for being kind of useless at times with home repair, she also made sure her research bathroom installers Southampton gave her insight at finding an emergency plumber who was available twenty-four hours a day. This is good advice for anyone because you do not want to find out you are on your own when things go wrong.

Finding an emergency plumber near me was an important step in making a future plumbing problem be more of an inconvenience than a catastrophe. My best advice is to learn from my wife because when your home's plumbing gets wonky, having a plan in place before calling someone can make a huge difference.