Apple introduced Screen Time features in the year 2018. It was an effort to promote better digital wellbeing. Here’s how to use them and what they are.

iPhone has become an essential tool for the day-to-day life of many people. But, sometimes, people become addicted to this device due to constant use in one way or another. It is now easier for anyone to become addicted to their iPhone than it was ever before.

Thankfully, Apple thinks a lot about its users and has included a few tools within iOS for digital wellbeing that can help you curb your addiction.

The aesthetics and design used in smartphones make them addictive. Moreover, various social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are designed to keep people engaged and visit the websites as much as possible. Increasing user engagement is essential thing for social media platforms.

 It is the leading and most important performance criterion of any social media platform. But, it can be devastating for the users. Users often get addicted to their smartphones due to engaging content on social media platforms streaming on their phones.

Once you get addicted to your smartphone, it becomes challenging to get rid of this addiction. However, you can combat it effectively, keeping in mind a few tips and using some tools that Apple has built into the operating system.

As per the instructions provided by Apple, you can easily access these tools. To access them, first of all, you have to click on the Settings section of your iPhone. After then, scroll down until you see the Screen Time option. Now, click on the Screen Time option.

This is the leading and vital area. Here, you can find all the features related to digital wellbeing. Additionally, it shows how much time they have spent on the screen watching their favorite shows. Once you know the time you have spent on your phone, it becomes a bit easy to set up a limit on it.

At the top of this page, you will get the graph of screen time for the daily average screen time spent by a user and the current screen time of the user. Plus, it shows whether your screen time has been decreased or increased compared to the previous week. If you want to see the screen time you have to spend on individual apps and which apps have been used the most, click on the ‘See All Activity’ option.

How to Use App Limits, Downtime, And More

Viewing screen time is good to keep yourself informed about the time you have spent on your iPhone. However, this is not the only information that you can get from the feature. Further, when you click on the Screen Time tab, Downtime is the best feature on this page that you can use. When you enable it, you can set up some specific times and days when you don’t want to use your phone and limit its usage.

To enable Downtime, you will need to click on the option ‘Downtime’ appearing on the settings page of Screen Time and click on the toggle. Now, set up your preferred time and day after enabling Downtime. After then, you will need to go to the Screen Time option and click on ‘Always Allowed.’

Here, you have to which apps you can still use after turning on Downtime. While selecting apps, you may notice that many apps came in-built with your iPhone. You use many of these apps, but many others which are equally important go unnoticed and unused.

When you select the apps when downtime is turned on, you can choose and enable some important yet unnoticed apps like the Reminder app. Keep in your mind that only Maps, Face Time, Phone and Messages are selected by default.

But, you can add or remove it latest as per your needs. Apart from these, you will also get another option on the Screen Time tab, i.e., App Limits. It will help you to set time limits on some particular applications.

To enable the ‘App Limits’ option, you will need to click on the App Limit option and then click on the App Limit option appearing on the page. It will create a custom limit for you. You can enable App Limits for specific groups of apps or some specific apps. For example, you can choose some social media apps and enable App Limit for them.

After that, you can choose the time limit up to which you want to enable App Limit. Once you reach that limit, the selected app will be grayed out, and you will not be able to use that app for the rest of the day. However, you can bypass that limit, but the idea is to put limits on the apps to get rid of the addiction. So, it is better to  go according to it to curb your phone addiction.


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