With the use of computer rendering, virtual reality technology creates virtual scenes and precisely combines them with the real environment. The user is then shown the scenario following virtual reality fusion through the video display device, considerably enhancing their visual experience and sensation of cognition. Virtual reality (VR) technology has a lot of potential for the training industry. In the aerospace, manufacturing, and shipbuilding industries, the use of virtual reality and augmented reality technology has produced impressive outcomes.


The age of VR (virtual reality) has also arrived in the oil and gas sector. To give employees in the petroleum industry a new learning experience and to make knowledge more three-dimensional, vivid, and contextualized, create a safety training system based on VR technology. Rapid advances in safety training in the oil industry have been facilitated by interactive training built on VR technology.


Currently, the primary uses of VR in the oil and gas sector are to simulate oil and gas operations, disassemble and reassemble petroleum equipment, test and inspect processes, and practice emergency drills. In order to achieve this, Esimtech created and produced a variety of VR oil and gas simulators, such as the VR Emergency Training Simulator, Snubbing Simulator (MR), Device Virtual Assembly, and others.