Air Jordan 1 Fearless running is in full swing, has launched a variety of original color schemes, there are more new styles. This week, we will take a look at the retro version of the "Magenta" color scheme, the last time it appeared in 2018. NikeAirHuarache's original four color schemes will return this year to celebrate its running shoes that can change the rules of the game. Although these brightly colored pairs have begun to appear online through official pictures and have leaked the pairs in hand, some other classic colors have also begun to appear in recent weeks, such as the eye-catching "Magenta" recently released in 2018. "Exterior. Now applied to the remastered version of Air Varach, the appearance is mixed with a flat white base with neoprene parts contrasting magenta and volt green, while a black TPU heel clip is wrapped around the back.

Sneakerheads2020 continues to expand this season, adding new outdoor adjustments to popular running techniques. Take a look at the "Dark Forest" new free running trail 5.0 that will be launched this spring. The roots of Nike's Free technology were originally rooted in the early 21st century, when the brand's sports science team was studying the natural movement of the feet on different surfaces. They soon discovered that athletes’ two feet are more flexible and adaptable than any shoe designed for them, and the good guys at Nike began to apply this research to their shoes. The result is a new style of midsole with deep, jagged cuts that allow different parts to separate and move autonomously, responding to the needs of the foot. Since then, Nike designers have been constantly iterating, trying new tailoring and methods to create a more adaptable midsole, and regularly introducing and updating their lineup. This year, the free running track returns to its fifth iteration, bringing a new midsole and one-piece structure. Today, we will take a look at the "dark ribs" color scheme of the upcoming free running trail 5.0, which can be worn in beautiful brown fleece before summer.

Buy Jordan Soles iconic Swoosh logo has been the brand’s logo since 1971 and is generally considered one of the most well-known logos in the world. This year, Nike will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Swoosh with a "first use" product package. Nike this year is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the brand's famous Swoosh logo, which has become synonymous with style, performance and most importantly victory. Originally drawn by Portland graphic design student Caroline Davidson in 1971, this iconic logo is now used to evoke the sound heard when another runner passes by you. A tick, if you can if. To celebrate the "first use" of the brand's legendary Swoosh, Nike has created some favorite silhouettes with small details that suggest the anniversary of Swoosh. For AirForce1Low, the special edition series starts with a standard white leather base layer, and then adds creamy white inverted leather to the cover of the shoe. The Swooshes on the side are made of pure orange leather, while the inner side uses an embroidered logo outline, imitating Davidson's original design. Below the Swooshes series, each pair is marked with the date of first use of Nike's Swoosh design: June 18, 1971. Air Force 1 joins the bold blue AirMax90 "first use" that debuted earlier this week.