It's important to style your human hair wig before each and every use, whether for daily wear or only for special occasions. kinky straight human hair wig hair wigs are considered more natural looking, feeling, and moving than synthetic ones. Their cost is higher and they require more effort to style. If you bought a human hair wig for daily use or for special occasions, you should plan on styling it before each wear. Wigs made of human hair can last for many years if they are properly cared for.

Keeping your human hair wigs in good shape is as simple as following these instructions.

You can detangle your human hair wig with a paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb. Use lukewarm water and wig shampoo to clean the wig from roots to ends. Cleaning the inside of the cap is just as important as cleaning the outside. Apply the conditioner to the wig after it has been washed and let it sit for several minutes. The root area should be avoided. With a towel, pat the wig dry after thoroughly rinsing it. Using a wringer can tangle your wig's hair, so it's not recommended to wring it out. The hair of your wig with a monofilament part or top feature should be parted with a wide-tooth comb after being patted dry. Detanglers, heat-protecting sprays, or oils should then be applied to your hair. In order to achieve the best results, human hair wigs should be blow-dried after washing. Synthetic wigs retain their style after washing. Using a wig stand or your hand to prop up your wig while blow-drying will help you get the best results. Before styling your wig, blow-dry it until it is about 50% dry.

Using heat styling equipment on a wig could cause you to injure yourself. Use T-pins to secure your wig to a foam or canvas block head so you can style it more easily and safely. When styling your wig, you can see your style from every angle and keep it secure with this type of stand.

After your wig has been blow dried for about half its length, use a round brush to continue drying it. The use of this type of brush will allow you to control and smooth out your hairstyle. A concentrator attachment allows for even greater control. Once the hair is completely dry, move on to the next step.

An inch away from the root, you can use a flat iron to straighten your wig. By using hair clips or ties, you can separate your hair into manageable sections. The front pieces will frame your face, so pay attention to them, but don't overheat. To finish the look, spray hairspray on.

You can heat style your human hair wig every day, but keep it hydrated by using a leave-in conditioner spray and a heat-protecting spray before styling. At least once a week, wash your human hair wig after daily wear or after 8–10 wears. Wide-toothed combs can be used on the go to detangle and touch up your hair.