Bread labels: These bread labels are exquisitely made, with rich colors and many design styles. Most bread labels choose to use special paper materials, such as cloth, stone, bamboo, kraft paper and so on. Only this kind of material can make the product look advanced, and some have a very good and comfortable touch. In addition to choosing better materials for bread labels, more choices will be made in the label making process, such as bronzing, embossing, screen UV锛宑rease punching, etc. There are many kinds of cutting shapes, such as regular shape labels, circular labels, oval labels, special-shaped labels, and some shapes that need to cut patterns, which have strict requirements for the accuracy of cutting die tools. The shelf life of products such as cake and bread is short, so it is a test for the supply cycle of label suppliers. Boxin label has cooperated with many bread and cake manufacturers, and deeply understands the importance of time to customers. Production efficiency has always been the pride of Boxin label. We can produce the same products as our peers, but different efficiency. We pursue faster, better and more!
Question and Answer:
Question: Why your Choice is Boxin label?
Answer: Boxin label on design and self-adhesive labels and stickers innovation, suitable and competitive labels and stickers products.
Question: From which way you can get products information you want?
Answer: You can email or call directly to our international sales through this email for more detail information.
Question: What is the after-sale policy and term of Boxin label?
Answer: Boxin label Promise there is no problem in one year if you use and store in right place.
Question: By which way can reach, negotiate and cooperate with your factory?
Answer: You can contact, or Telephone +0086 15534565886,this is the Boxin label鈥檚 international team and other efficient communication way.Snacks Label manufacture