Payment is the last step when we make a transaction, and the till is the last place where the customer stops when making a transaction. This Wooden Countertop Display Stand is an essential system for display and cashiering in a physical shop, where you can place a variety of sweets, lip balms and many other small products. It not only acts as a cashier, but also catches the eye of the buyer, providing an attraction unmatched by other shelves and often stimulating the customer's urge to make an impulse purchase.
Product Features
Any part of the Wooden Countertop Display Stand is treated with anti-rust and electrostatic spraying to improve management efficiency over a long period of time and to prevent rust and wear. Its different parts are powder coated in different colours to give the shelves a brighter appearance and thus stimulate consumers, especially children, to buy. In addition, it comes with height-adjustable dividers and can therefore accommodate a wide range of product sizes, maximising the use of space in any supermarket while maintaining optimum product accessibility.
Length: 1000/1600mm
Minimum order quantity: 5 sets
Supply ability: 10000pcs per month
Payment terms: T/T
Delivery time: 10-15 working days upon receipt of the deposit

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