Start the quest by talking to OSRS gold the Zamorak Monk, Priest, or Druid (all will be NPC's put at the church in varrock) The Quest is the exact same no matter which pirest you speak to, but the rewards will differ. Whichever priest you choose, they will tell you Father Uhrney in the restless ghost quest has found a special"bundle" and they need you to pick it up. Upon entering dad uhrney's house, you fill find he is now where to be found!

You will need to go to the church at lumbridge and ask the priest at which father uhrney is, and he will tell you he went missing. However, he will also tell you that the ghost next door was there. Equipping your amulet of ghost talk, go to the ghost and ask him whether he has seen daddy uhrney.

He will say two"bony-looking" guys went into father uhney's house. A cut-scene will then occur, where you see just two skeletons enter the home and attack father uhrney till he's 1 hp left. They'll carry out him in a bag. The cutscene will end and you'll ask the phantom"did you see where they shot him" the phantom will state they went off towards Port Sarim.go to daddy uhrney's home again and pick up the 60gp on the dining table or just use your personal, then proceed to port sarim.

Rescuing Father Uhrney: Take a boat to Karamja and talk to the customs officer standing there. He will inform you two funny looking men came through with a sack that almost seemed to be moving. Further question him and he'll reveal that they went into the banana-tree grove. Talk to buy RuneScape gold the banana guy in his hut and he'll inform you all the bananas are dying from a disease caused by over-heated roots.