India produces more movies each year than any other nation in the world. Online streaming services make it easier than ever to watch Indian movies online.  This platform provides a great way to unwind and to have a film to suit any mood and with the options of watching regional movies as well. Here are the 5 top movies to watch with your friends and family this weekend.


Rocketry The Nambi Effect,’ directed by R Madhavan, was released in theatres and on Amazon Prime Video on July 26, 2022. From Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya’s cameo appearances to telling the true tale of a former scientist and aerospace engineer Nambi Narayanan, the film has piqued the audiences’ interest for all the right reasons. This historical drama follows the engineer’s life after he was falsely accused of espionage and imprisoned in 1994. The film follows his accomplishments, his love for the country’s space program, his unwavering commitment, and the accusation that became the largest personal and professional setback of his life. It is an emotionally packed human story with an exceptional cast performance.


Forensic is among other trending movies to watch online this weekend. It is a psychological crime thriller that follows many kidnappings in Mussoorie and how the investigation officer solves the case with the aid of his team.

The case of Amarjeet Sada, dubbed “India’s youngest serial murderer” and shown in the film, serves as an introduction to the idea of minors committing mass murder. It also gives information on the psychological traits and childhood trauma that help serial murderers and psychopaths grow.

While the movie is based on a Malayalam movie with the same name, the Hindi remake spices up the story and adds some unexpected twists that give everyone a heart-pounding experience. The harsh environment and menacing tone create the movie’s mood right away. The story’s dramatic changes, which are necessary for various genres, and its inherent unpredictability from the start make it the most captivating element.

777 Charlie:

Would you like to laugh and cry along as you watch movies online free this weekend? And, do you like dogs? Then, this is for you. 777 Charlie brings forth the emotional relationship between humans and dogs in this movie. High up in the list of top movies to watch this weekend, 777 Charlie also explores how we unknowingly form bonds and how they shape our lives.

This fresh movie takes a new approach, unlike the typical movie where a dog enters lives and changes them. Instead, this one is focused on goodbyes. Surprisingly, here is where the movie shines brightest. Before she says goodbye, Charlie realizes her goal while giving Dharma a sense of feeling he had lost decades earlier.

Here, the gaze of a society that just wants to watch the circus is acknowledged, along with the way it turns regular people into monsters by ignoring those who have had traumatized lives. The writing’s treatment of Dharma and Charlie as one soul who offers each other a purpose and salvation rather than as two separate people is what they find to be the most lovely. The feelings are real, genuine, and powerful enough to move you.

Janhit Mein Jari:

Do you want to watch Bollywood movies online 2022 that are thought-provoking? The most recent entry in the genre of “unmentionable movies” is “Janhit Mein Jari,” which makes use of broad humor to convey advice on taboo themes like the value of condoms. This movie dives into the life of Manokamna, who sells Little Umbrella condoms to make a living as her parents pressure her for marriage.

Devi Prasad, a childhood friend of Manokamna, yearns for her, but she prefers Manoranjan, a performer at the Ramlila. Manorajan lies that Manokamna genuinely works for a brand on umbrellas because he knows his joint family, which is headed by the stern Kewal Prajapati, will go nuclear if they learn how his wife earns her money.
The charade is hilarious while it lasts. Wacky humor and good-natured skewering are neatly laid out until the producers realize they are having too much fun in a film whose title means “released in the public interest.”