In this Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide, I'm going to share the best ways to earn a decent amount of Gold by going through the activities you should constantly engage in on a daily and weekly basis. If you’re low on Gold and you’re looking at how to farm for the currency efficiently, then this Guide is for you!

Why You Should Farm Gold In Lost Ark

You can always buy Gold with real-world money if you do not want to go through the process of doing all the steps we have listed below.

However, spending real-world money may not be the best idea here, and that is why you should always farm Gold in Lost Ark to the point where you generate decent passive income through it.

Una's Tasks

Once you’ve reached level 50 with your character and traveled the Northern region, you can accept Una’s quests, which are part of the game’s end-game content. These are special quests, for the completion of which you’ll collect Una’s tokens. You can complete daily and weekly quests.

The quests, in turn, reward you with various rewards, as well as a lot of gold. To unlock Una’s quests, talk to Rutaru in the west of North Vern. After that, a total of three guilds offer these quests, but you have to choose one of them. However, the tasks are the same for all guilds.

For each completed daily quest you will receive two points, for each weekly quest twelve points. If you collect 25, 35, 45, 55 and 70 points, you will receive a predetermined number of Unas tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for gold. Points are reset on a weekly basis.

Sell Gems For Gold

The second best way that we recommend for farming Gold in the game is to sell gems that you have in your inventory. Now, acquiring Gems is not a difficult process in the first place, as you can get these easily by defeating the bosses in Boss Rush mode.

Every time you complete the Boss Rush mode, you get tons of Gems that can later be sold at the market to get an enormous amount of Gold.

The best part of getting Gold through Gems is that, unlike Auction House, you will no longer need to wait for the items to be purchased by someone.

Instead, you can instantly sell the Gems to get Gold and keep the Gold farming currency going in Lost Ark. So, defeat the Boss Rush Mode, get gems and sell for Gold – easy farm route tip you got there now, we believe.

Chaos Gate

Chaos gate is our daily event, you can do them once per day if they are available. You can see when there is one coming on the left corner of your screen with an event alarm. Those gates are a great way for making extra gold daily. You have a boss to defeat at the end. This boss can loot maps. You need to do those maps in a group before the map patch. It was mandatory to make maps one by one. But recent changes have been made that you can now make 4 maps at once when you are in a group of 4 players.

Maps can be the different colors: blue, purple, and orange which is legendary. There is also a relic map but the chance to get it is 1%. If you have some luck, you elude a legendary one. If you looted one after the chaos gate, you just need to ask players in zone chat to make your map if they have the same map as yours. You can also upgrade your maps when you go to the map exchange NPC. Every loot that you get inside those maps is sellable. You will get solar grace, and solar protection, but also you have a chance to loot a legendary engraving.

Masterpiece Collection

You can exchange Masterpieces for Artist's Treasure Chest at an NPC located in Sunflower Island. Masterpieces are the reward for collectible activities like Island Tokens.

Gold Farming sometimes can be a problem because it has an activity cap for each character per day and if you want to obtain more Lost Ark Currency you need to do the same ways on multiple characters and sometimes it can be boring. However, in order to earn a large chunk of gold, you must follow these recommendations and put in a lot of work. Unless you choose to Buy Lost Ark Gold from a secure website, if that's what you're thinking, I recommend a website: