Player Owned Shops isn't a skill. The Owner of the RS gold shop, store or buisness, can create unique stores. When it is a larger firm, they are able to have a maximum of 5 stores. It can only have one kind of thing (I.E. Logs, Ores and pubs, runes etc.). This is so POS will not compete with NPC owned shops. You may begin off with a single store. Players may get into the shop using a POS portal site (In same town's as POH's). The client can come in and use the option'Trade Store Owner' to see a list of items, just like in NPC shops.

Then they could pick purchase 5, 1, 10, or All. As soon as they pick that a note will come up in the conversation screen saying"Purchase request delivered to owner." This is just in case the owner does not need to sell all of his inventory and want's to save a portion of his stock, since they are low on the merchandise. The owner will be able to set the costs (No less or more than GE costs ). Prices can be adjusted according to fluxuating GE prices. Now on the workers.

The clerks will the ones keeping the store, fixing cracks in the ceiling, stocking supplies and cash. The workers will be outside on the front lines getting materials for the shop. The operator will then buy the items from the employees, who are formally a part of their buisness. Accountants are the individuals who take money to the lender, calculate daily income and provide revenue during certain intervals in time. They are also the financial consultants to the Owners. The person who owns this buisness can shoot any worker at any moment. Merely to make it even more clear... The 3k trading limitation every 15 minutes DOES APPLY IN POS! As always, Constructive Critisism is obviously welcomed.

Certian Skill Capes For Freeplayers. You may be woundering what I mean with this. I beileve that freeplayers must have acess to any of the 9 (or so) skillcapes held with any of the skill masters. Obtaining level 99 of any skill is, without a doubt, and very tedious task, however, free players also have a hard time (and in certian instances have it somewhat tougher than associates, due to a few of the very best training approaches being members only).

Although it's very hard for freeplayers (and members for that matter), it can still be performed, and that I beileve some freeplayer who manages to perform this should be rewarded the same as anyyone. A couple of points of why this might be a fantastic idea: It doesn't affect members (or anyone not interested in acheiving lvl.99 in whatever ) in any serious way.

Its a minor upgrade, making it easy for Jagex to finish (when that comes into effect, that is,) It supplies a benefit for getting lvl99 at a skill to anybody, potentially making that individual motivated to OSRS buy gold keep moving. It still allows most of the skillcapes members simply, making skill capes still be semi-member.