When you win: I knew I was feeble. Nicely you passed the test, even though you probably don't care about RS Gold me, I'm just a stupid imp. Hey hey hey, thats not true, I only wish to playwith. Oh, you don't care for me, you only need to hit me with a mace again do not you? Welll... NO I do not. And I believe I know how to get you into my army. You may be my stratagist. This is my first time after all.

We should get your army together. At the moment, you have an army of human demons. Thye aren't that speical but they get the job done. Good, what other demons can I utilize? Dragonis, the title of an imp mage.

Well, lets pick up the army. The battle feild is a square with a demon crystal at the middle, which when a healer manages can start healing the entire group. You yourself arent in the conflict, you are controlling the military.

These demons are in fact the weakest in electricity but actually possess the best updates. Conventional mage, utilizes breeze strike and has another level spell each level up, but level 4 is available tp p2p pnly. Standered warrior, uses a shadow dagger, then up to sword to scimitar then to twohander(members just for two handers) utilizes demonic bow and can level up to get quicker bows. Level 4 can take two at a time but members only

Ethernal imps would be the best mages at level and get poorer compared to Cheap OSRS Gold other groups becaus it only has three levels. Uses ethernal strike, which is a fire strike but stronger when leveld up. Only a shadow dagger but like the mage, it simply gets stronger. Same as others except it's throwing daggers. Lesser Apocoliptic demons: Unlike the others, this one simply uses meele however excells amazingly at it. It has 5 upgrades