PortalOne has assembled massive affluence, which amounts to $15million, from the sources such as Atari and others for the creation of an unhackneyed application to host hybrid games and live TV shows.

If there is one industry that has thrived during the devastation-hit 2020, and then in this ongoing stricken 2021, it has to be a video-streaming industry, of course, which is always in close competition with the gaming industry. In the pandemic-stricken 2020, with almost the entire global industry forced to proceed their work from home, people have intensely looked towards the digital world for entertainment. With the demands of manufacturing goods, outdoor activities, shopping malls, and museums going down, the gaming industry and OTT content industry have thrived during these times. And now, looking to seize this opportunity for their own growth, one of the innovative companies to join these two industries have now assembled $15million to come out of the “closed-beta” and generate a new application to host the content from both the industries. More specifically, the website will be created to host hybrid games and TV series.

PortalOne is a well-known establishment involved in the creation of hybrid gaming. The company has recently announced that it has accumulated a considerable amount of $15million from sources such as Atari for the creation of an application that will cater to exclusive on-demand games and also live telecasts of shows in which ordinary gamers can play against a VIP or a special guest.

The part of the reason why this news is capturing the attention is because of the list of investors that PortalOne has rolled out, and it includes highly reputable organizations as well. The list includes names such as Rogue Capital Partners, Coatue Management, Founders Fund, ARRI, TQ Ventures, Talis Capital, Seed Camp, SNO ventures (which is based in Europe).

Apart from the above-mentioned notable names, the list also includes the names of some dignified investors such as Mike Morhaime, Kevin Lin (founder of Twitch), Marc Merrill, Amy Morhaime, Eugene Wei, and Xen Lategan.

In proper definition, PortalOne can be described as tech-cum-media company. Over the course of the preceding few years, the company has made a notable amount of software and equipment pertinent to video games. However, PortalOne has shown audacity in utilizing the same software and hardware to televise live shows and sort of integrating the on-demand and real-time entertainment with unique selling points, which is a blend of both gaming and live shows.

The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the company, Anders Kasin, had revealed that even though their daily job is very technical with no preceding references, their key to success is technicality too. He also alluded to the fact that their modus operandi is the key. How they build things up is a secret, which no one should know apart from them.

The company aims to create platforms that host content from both TV and the gaming industry, and which also offers a unique opportunity to build content around the gaming and live-experiences niches.

The Chief Executive Officer has expressed confidence that the company has managed to crack something, which has confused people for many years.

Kasin’s brother, Olav Kasin, who is the Chief Content Officer of the company, has acknowledged the fact that though the company has worked tremendously hard in the gaming industry, integrating the hybrid gaming content and Live TV is no child’s play. And, he alluded to the fact that part of the reason revolves around different enterprises owning different facets of gaming and television.

PortalOne has enabled the VR versions of the games it hosts and has allowed users to play the game using their Virtual Reality headsets for phones. Furthermore, the gamers are also liable to win attractive prizes if they perform spectacularly in esports games.

In the first step in realizing their dream, the company is preparing to release the first version of their game called “PortalOne Arcade,” which is an amalgamation of stunning re-imagination of games released in the 80s accentuated by immersive gaming experiences and engaging talk shows, to the wider audiences. The company will first start from the United States and Norway before moving on to other areas of the world.

Bard Anders Kasin is in noway a fledgling amateur; he has tremendous back-end experience and has served Warner Bros. as technical director during the time when cult classics such as The Matrix Trilogy were being released. His brother has also worked in the technical department in shows such as “The Voice,” and “Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?”

The duo then went on to become entrepreneurs while starting a company based on Virtual Reality.

The Kasin brothers founded PortalOne in 2018, and for three years, i.e., up until now, the management worked on forming a closed beta, content strategy, and partners to move their business forward. And, now the dynamic duo is now looking to come out of their closed beta and serve audiences in the far areas of the world, and they have also accumulated a decent amount of money and skillful partners to achieve that. It would be interesting to see what the future holds for them.


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