You can get these little usb dongles you stick in Animal Crossing Bells the dock that allow you to use just about any controller with it, Ive been using my own 3rd party ps4 controller and a ps5 one. Only downside is it's one control per dongle but it is a nice choice to have and they're just about £15 a pop.

Animal crossing is for relaxing. BOTW and matches such as odyssey are EXPERIENCES you can dive into. You have much less on your control, more RNG, exploration etc.. (No offence to creature crossing naturally, the matches look great)

Among my cousins scarcely understood what he was doing but had a terrific time engaging with the slightly older children!

Yeah you can reduce the settings and make it simpler but unless you are the minority that does not care about losing, then you are aggressive. And of course when you're an adult playing against people that are kids or Nook Miles Ticket For Sale older kids, you're not likely to care about shedding weight.