Aeropress Advantages:

ease of use and washing;
compactness; ease of use both at home and in the country or at a picnic;
speed of coffee preparation;
the ability to control the temperature of the water, experiment with the proportions of ingredients and the duration of the brewing stages;
the drink has a fuller taste and aroma than when brewed in filter coffee makers;
lack of grounds in the cup.

Aeropresses are made of plastic. To accurately measure water, a measuring scale is applied to the container. Thanks to the rubber lining, the piston adheres to the walls of the cylinder so tightly that not a single drop will spill, even if the Aeropress is turned upside down.

Aeropress paper filters are thick enough to keep medium-ground coffee particles out. If you want to brew a drink from coffee with a finer grinding, it is better to put two such filters in the cylinder cover. Paper filters, unlike metal filters, retain coffeestol, a substance that increases cholesterol levels.

Metal filters pass oils that linger on paper ones. Therefore, the taste of coffee is more dense. However, in an Aeropress with a metal filter, it is advisable to brew a drink from coarsely ground grains (grinding value is about 8 on a ten-point scale), since the smallest grains slip through the mesh. If a paper and metal filter is used at the same time, then the metal one is placed directly on the aeropress cover, and the paper one is placed on it.

Quality and grinding of coffee beans
In the Aeropress, it is recommended to brew freshly ground Arabica, especially expensive single varieties. The way of preparation well reveals taste and aroma of coffee. Aeropress is suitable for coffee beans of any degree of roast. Permissible grinding is both finer than medium (but not fine) and coarser.

The taste of coffee brewed in an Aeropress from a mixture of Arabica and Robusta is not for everybody. The drink is somewhat stronger, but has a less refined and more bitter taste. The maximum permissible content of Robusta in the mixture is 10%. Choose best coffee for aeropress  and enjoy