2021Sneakers this season with a large number of new versions to bless the sports shoe market. On the female side, one of the falling shots is Nike dunk low "Lemon Drop", which has just been revealed through a detailed lifestyle image. This low-cut hue reflects the color of the sour fruit, requiring white tumbling leather to form a toe box, quarter paneling and garment loops, and these adjacent suede covers are dialed in soft yellow. The brand of the tongue, the side wall sofa and the cladding of the heel all match the "Opti Yellow" appearance. On the side of these summer-friendly shoes, you will find the "sail" hue on the laces of the mesh tongue, and a lemon pattern embroidered on the heel part of the side panel. The citrus design is a crisp white midsole and gum base.

Air Jordan 1 Fearless is no stranger to collision color blocks-after all, it is the focal point of the popular "Plum", "Veneer" and "Ceramic" styles of the "Ugly Duckling" bag. Now, this low-cut dunk is made of suede olive, gold and brown, and it looks inappropriate to match the three "ugly duckling" sneakers mentioned above. This brightly colored dunk upper starts with a rich chocolate brown on the toy box, quarter and collar, and then quickly accentuates it with soft moss green fenders, eyelets and heels. The most active hue used in its palette is a rich gold, which covers the sofa, and the heel label is the same as the shoelace. In addition to the shoes, the green Nike spelling is on the above-mentioned heel label, and the gold Nike sportswear is on the brand label with a brown tongue. Below is a white midsole and gold outsole.

2020 Air Jordans may be dunks produced by the Nike sportswear sub-brand of Nike Lifestyle, the NSW team is not afraid of experiments-these experiments produced the low "camouflage" style of dunks just revealed. "With a unique blend of materials and wild camouflage patterns, "camouflage" provides a bold look, not a timid heart. It's simple to start upward, using undyed canvas for toy boxes, high heels and quarters. This simple base It can be used as a launch pad for the iconic "camouflage" details, which are distributed on the leather fenders, eyelets, heel and heel tags. There are too many details here, from standard woodland camouflage to desert potato chip camouflage, Winter camouflage, even flame orange autumn camouflage, are asymmetrical. The special details don’t stop there. The tongue is provided with a rubber Swiss badge, and the right heel has the standard Nike spelling logo removed. Nike basketball style pattern. Simple forest green bushes, white midsole and forest green contrast stitching and forest green outsole around the appearance.