A power tiller is a machine used in agriculture for cultivation, tillage, sowing, and weeding which contains a set of blades (tines) mounted with a wheeled housing and powered by a gasoline engine or electric motor. The most applicable thing about Power tillers is whether small or marginal farmers. Power tillers will be utilized by everybody. Power tillers are walking tractors that use soil cultivation. A power tiller is the best choice for small and medium farmers. It helps reduce animal and manpower. It is a very capable machine to perform various operations in farms like a rotary, lever, Puddler, and Power tiller is a farm implement, well known as the farming tractor.


The benefit of a Power Tiller for the farmer.


 Power tillers are less expensive than tractors because the Indian government provides subsidies to purchase power tillers. They consume lower fuel amounts than the other tractors and they are useful in regions where there is no labor shortage. Power tillers will work faster and better than humans and animals. It enables easy accomplishment of tasks that are difficult to perform and improves the quality of work and product. Power tillers require less space for storage which is most beneficial for the marginal farmer.


Best company  of power tiller

  • Bull Agro Power Tillers

  • VST Shakti Power Tillers

  • KMW Kirloskar Power Tillers

  • Kubota Power Tillers

  • Southern Agro Engines Power Tillers

Top 3 Power tiller machines in India and price

  • Kubota Power Tiller PEM140DI

      This Power tiller is manufactured by the Kubota tractor. This tiller machine mixed curved rotary blades with 80 cm rotary width. Kubota power tiller machine suitable for 21-30 HP tractors. This tiller machine's price in India starts from 2 lakhs


  • KMW By Kirloskar Power Tiller Mega T 1 

          Mega T 15 tiller is the best tractor-mounted power tiller for tillage. tiller machine suitable for 21-30  HP tractors. which ensures prominent performance in the field. The Power tiller Mega T 15 Deluxe price in India ranges between Rs. 2.00 – Rs. 2.05 lakhs.


  • Kirloskar Power Tiller Mega T 12


                         This Power tiller is manufactured by Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. it is suitable for the 21-30 HP tractor. Mega T12 power tiller is Proven fuel efficient. economic design for better balance, stability, and safety. The  KMW By Kirloskar Power Tiller Mega T 12 price range in India is 2 lakh to 2.05 lakh.


               FAQ Related Power tiller


  • What is the type of power tiller?

       ANS:- there are two types of Power tiller petrol engine and diesel engine power tiller.

  •  Where can I buy Kirloskar Power tiller mega T12?

        ANS:- You can buy kirloskar power tiller mega  in india at Khetigaadi.


  •  How do you maintain the Power tiller machine?

          ANS:-  change the coolant every 6 months after the complete harvest season.

  • What size engine Power tiller need? 

     ANS:-  Power tiller would be around 1500 cc or greater size engine.

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