Albert Eicher and Josef Eicher founded the Eicher Corporation in 1936. Eicher tractors are well known in India as Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd. In India, the Eicher tractor is priced at Rs 2.90 lakh. The  tractors range in engine power from 18 to 50 horsepower. This tractor is available in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive configurations. These tractor engines require little maintenance, are inexpensive, have a large fuel capacity, and help farmers earn money.




The demand for Eicher tractors varies from state to state and with the requirements of farmers. Some states, like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh, are farming states. These states have a high demand for tractors, tractor equipment, and other types of machinery.

Popular Eicher Tractors in India :

Eicher 312: This tractor is a 30 HP. The tractor comes with a 1963  CC engine capacity which generates 1900 RPM. The starting price of Eicher 312 is Rs 4.47 Lac. It has a central shift, a combination of constant & sliding mesh transmission types, disc brakes types, mechanical steering types, and 1900 Kg weight. 

Eicher 380: This tractor comes with a 40 HP. It has 3 cylinders, 45 liters of tank capacity, and 1980 Kg weights. 2500 CC engine capacity which generates 2150 RPM. The hydraulic lifting capacity of this tractor is 1200-1300 Kg. total weight is 1980 Kg. The transmission type of this tractor is Central Shift - Combination Of Constant & Sliding Mesh, Side Shift. The starting price of this tractor is 5.00 Lac.

Eicher 5150: The tractor comes with a 50 HP. It has a Sliding Mesh transmission type, single Clutch type, 2100 Kg weight, Mechanical Steering type, and Rotary fuel pump type. The starting price is Rs 6 lac.

Eicher 371 Super Power: This is a 37 HP tractor. It has a combination of constant & sliding mesh transmission type, oil-immersed brakes, 3 cylinders, single-clutch (dry friction plate) clutch-type, 2150 RPM, 1200 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity. Eicher 371 Super Power is available in 2WD modes. The starting price at Rs 4.75 Lac.

Eicher Tractor Dealership and Service Centre:

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Eicher Tractor FAQ:

Question: What is the starting price of Eicher Tractor in India?

Answer: The Starting price of Eicher tractor is at 2.90 to 6.90 Lac in India.

Question: What is the HP range of Eicher Tractor?

Answer: HP range of Eicher tractors are 18 hp to 60 hp.

Question: What is the price of Eicher 551?

Answer: The price of Eicher 551 is at 6.35 - 6.65 Lac.

Question: Names of Popular Eicher tractor models? 

Answer: Eicher 380, Eicher 371 Super Power, Eicher 5150 and Eicher 312.