You Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells know, I get that now we all understand Ike and Marth as using completely different playstyles, but as a participant who started out occasionally playing Brawl in my friend's home, I had a lot of trouble telling apart Marth from Ike. With Byleth, even casuals can tell them apart as a result of their powerful bow, lance, Warlock Punch-like down special, and alts, but as a total casual, the one thing I remembered about Ike and Marth from using them at Subspace was that one of them felt stronger and a little more fun.

Even though Ike isn't a Marth clone, I think it can be hard for total casuals who've only played them to articulate what makes them distinct. I think Sakurai realized this, which explains why he chose to go with Robin since the brand new FE rep for Smash 4 rather than Chrom and not one of those non-echo FE personalities have depended entirely on sword moves since then.

The shift to older Ike in Smash4 additionally helped to distinguish him Marth. I really don't understand why they made young Ike the default in Ultimate (though I like his young design better).

Forum-style is honestly better in certain ways. I truly despise how smash info is now distributed in various twitter threads in which you have to follow the right number of people to even get and you can't read or get good longform discussion. Searching for old information on twitter is also a massive pain in the buttocks.

I had been about when the Brawl dojo was something and remember a great deal of the parting from Brawl's hayday. The largest turnaround for me has always been Subspace, it was broadly despised back in the day but today it seems hot.

People are always the same but the context varies. Back then, we didn't have the background of nintendo and nintendo universes clashing as we do today. Back then folks will animal crossing new horizons items observe both completely different genres and also be reluctant about cross overs. Of course we view it as absurd now but maybe back then we would see it with caution.