Kitchens in the style of minimalism, this is only the most necessary - it is this concise phrase that can characterize minimalism as a style. Minimalism manifests itself in various areas of life: it is in the most modern technologies, fashion, architecture, and of course, where without it in interior design. Today we will talk about the features of the style, its characteristic differences, and the specifics of application in kitchen sets.

Place minimalist style in the kitchen

The latest fashion trends say that a modern kitchen should be stylish, spacious, and functional. The style of minimalism will help to realize this. Here, kitchen sets are available and concise but look very impressive. Among all the variety of styles, it is minimalism that stands out. Almost everyone will like it because it can be implemented as part of any other style, for example, a loft or Scandinavian. Let's move on to consider the key features of the minimalist style.

Characteristic differences in the style of minimalism

The main task of furniture in a minimalist style is to create an interior emphasizing order and convenience. The kitchen set should be as simple as possible. There is no place for anything extra.

Consider the characteristic features of minimalism in detail.

Simplicity and rigor. Straight lines, strict figures, and an almost complete lack of decor - are the main features of a minimalist kitchen. In this direction, there is only a place for a few decorative elements. There is only a decor except that certain little things do really useful work. All minimalist furniture does not have any patterns or milling patterns. It is extremely functional and comfortable. Minimalism also loves high ceilings. To properly organize the space in the kitchen, you need to learn how to choose the right kitchen cabinets for ceilings, an article on this topic can be found here

The predominance of monochrome colors. In a minimalist kitchen, there is no place for bright colors. Usually, this style is dominated by black, white, gray, or other neutral colors. Bright contrasts are acceptable, but they should not distract attention. Their task is to ensure that the kitchen does not look like a catering establishment in Soviet times, a hospital. Bright appropriate blotches of bright colors will help emphasize the main functional elements,

Only modern materials. In general, minimalism is a contemporary style, which means that using retro furniture or somehow achieving the effect of antiquity is not worth it. Glossy surfaces that visually expand the space should prevail here. Modern materials, such as plastic, will help achieve this effect. At the same time, minimalism can be combined with other styles, for example, in a loft. Of course, this will not be minimalism in the classical sense, but such a combination is allowed.

As you can see, minimalist kitchens can also be different. Be sure to follow the recommendations from the magazine. Always let your imagination run wild. This is your kitchen. You decide.