Breakthrough concept art color AJ8 generation
New Jordans Release 2021 , The 8th generation of Jordan launched by Nike in February 1993 embodies the design philosophy of focusing on technology at that time. The 8th generation of Jordan has made a major breakthrough in appearance, the most prominent is the design of the cross buckle of the upper, which strengthens the stability of the upper. The midsole absorbs the design ideas of running shoes, greatly reduces the rubber material, reduces the weight of the shoes, and uses a towel material and a trapeze logo on the tongue. The abstract painting patterns on the side of the heel and the middle of the sole add artistic color to Jordan 8th generation.
New Jordan 8 UK ,(The two versions of the AJ8 high and low top are equipped with separate front and rear soles, and there is no shrinkage.) Jordan 8 has both fit and support. It uses a cross-lace fixing system and uses AirHuarache elastic insole to wrap the feet to show An unprecedented level of adequacy. In the configuration of the outsole, it is separated from the left and right, and the central part is boldly hollowed out to achieve the goal of lightweight. It allowed Jordan to lead the scoring for seven consecutive years, and the NBA's dream of three in a row was also realized. Jordan set an astonishing new record of 41 points per game in the final. But after Jordan won three consecutive championships this year, he suddenly announced his retirement. Many fans thought that Jordan would never return to the game, so they believed that Air Jordan 8 was the last one worn on the court. Therefore, Jordan 8 also Created a sales record for Nike in 1993. Jordan 8 is the last shoe launched before Jordan's first retirement, so it has a special meaning in the Jordan series. In the 1992-1993 season, Jordan averaged 32.6 points per game, tying Chamberlain's record of winning 7 consecutive points. He scored the 20,000th career point this season, becoming the second fastest player to set this record. On June 20, 1993, Jordan led the Bulls to defeat the Phoenix Suns 4-2 in the finals, setting the Bulls’ first three consecutive championships. Jordan averaged 41.0 points per game in the finals, setting a record for the highest scoring in the finals. Jordan was also undisputedly elected as the MVP of the Finals that year, which made him the first player in history to win the Finals MVP for three consecutive years.