They said the reason they combined Construction rework and 120 collectively from the survey is because the M&S rework took a great deal of dev time however maybe not a lot of cheap runescape 3 gold involvement by runescape players. So if they rework Structure the question for them is... How can we get every runescape player, even somebody at max, to place in many many hours at the update? 120s and"standing" is their response for Farming, and 120 will most likely be the answer for Structure as not many people have it at 120 yet I guess.

So people purchase 120 skills to be trained by keys? That is only. I totally agree that I'd much rather see a rework, but come on people, realize there's a whole lot of work required to redesign a skill instead of tacking on extra articles for another already setup one. Plus 120 abilities, though I will completely agree that I wish there was more content at the subsequent levels, help give additional goals to take for while enjoying, which isn't as much of a"forced requirement" granted comp cape lost its glow. It's adding a little longevity to a game that's already top heavy if you have a look at runescape player levels.

Look I will just come out and state it, so far as community direction goes, jagex is becoming very... well depending on your point of view comically idle, so inept they are beginning to boarder about the darkened EA/bethesda degrees of incompetent. Part of this is true from tone deaf or readily out of place opinions to the neighborhood over many many a problem, yet another portion of this, is the perplexing absence of action against particularly scammers and exploiters. I mean hell, even as far as I'm still conscious, that one bait via a certain tree by a specific area is still functioning (if you understand any lurers that one appears like their mecca).

I really do feel jagex does need to step it up, update their report system to include video/screenshots not only flimsy chat logs, harshen their own punishments and extend them to alts as well as mains, and just in general listen to their forums longer. Create a subheading that staff that is jmod can only views all posts for submitting clips/images? Ta drag are more likely to how to buy gold osrs use bonds to receive some back. In terms of the treasure hunter item I do not think even a generic"oh we banned some accounts" will do. They need number of accounts was tapped into runescape, names of biggest culprits, actual evidence that something was done other than banning such as 3 no names with no community presence.