Olfactory Marketing is one of several ways that your real estate company can use as a strategy in order to reinforce your brand. Realize: have you ever entered a store and smelled a specific aroma? There are several companies, such as some clothing stores, that use this strategy with the intention of reinforcing the brand, or as it is also called: Real estate branding. That is, whenever the customer enters that specific store he will smell that aroma. This makes the customer associate this aroma with the company's brand. We at Jetimob talked to a leader in aromatizing environments: Cheiro Bom, from São Paulo, and with them we can better understand how the process of creating aromas is and how they work by assigning personality to your real estate company.Think about how fundamental this is and how much it helps in several other factors when we think about strengthening the real estate brand. Aromas bring us memories. So, reflect: why not invest in the smell within the real estate market? What if the properties you are negotiating had the same scent as your company? One of the greatest advantages of this strategy is to be remembered and this is fundamental. skymarketing.com.pk  strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like university town plot for sale In the video below, we will talk a little about Olfactory Marketing, in partnership with the company Cheiro Bom. You will also understand how to use this strategy in your company. We hope this video will help you decide whether it is worth investing in this strategy. If you choose to use it, may the use of it actually improve your real estate negotiations.

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