Through thorough keyword research, you can find out which keywords you should focus on for your SEO goals to get a higher search ranking and more organic traffic. Make use of the best tool to open Multiple Link Opener SEO Tool. It is beneficial in getting quality and a substantial number of backlinks. This tool is free and accessible on the Internet. SEO Consultants suggest it. The tools below help you find out what your target audience is really looking for on Google and make keyword planning easier and more efficient. These free tools can help you get off to a good start with your SEO strategies.

Moz Keyword Finder

Moz's suite of SEO tools is very good, but their free Keyword Explorer stands out because it makes the complicated world of keyword research and planning much easier to understand.

You can search any keyword you want to see useful metrics like its monthly traffic volume, a difficulty score that tells you how hard it will be to rank on the first page of a search, and the organic click-through rate (CTR). You'll also get suggestions for similar keywords, which will help you find SEO opportunities that you may have missed.

The Moz Keyword Explorer also shows a priority score for each keyword you enter. A score closer to 100 means that the keyword has a high search volume, a high click-through rate, and low competition. Use it to figure out how important the keyword is for your business and to find new ways in.

You can also give Moz's Keyword Explorer more information about your business to find out if a keyword is related to your products and services and get more useful information.

The Keyword Magic Tool from Semrush

Semrush is another well-known SEO company that offers a wide range of tools and services. But the Keyword Magic Tool stands out because it gives you a lot of information without making you pay a dime.

With one click, you can get more than a million ideas for keywords. All you have to do is enter a single seed keyword. The Keyword Magic Tool from Semrush looks at the whole search market, as well as niche subtopics and groups, to give you useful information that will help you get ahead of your competition.

You can also use the "Questions" filter, which shows you keywords that are based on questions, to build a search marketing plan. You can use it to come up with ideas for relevant SEO-focused content like campaigns, blog posts, and featured snippets.

The best free SEO tools for analysing competitorsKeeping track of where your competitors stand is a key part of your SEO strategy. This gives you a plan for what you need to do to improve your site and rank higher than them. When you use SEO tools that give you competitor analysis, it's easier to see where your website is stronger or weaker than your closest competitors and where you can get ahead of them.


BuzzSumo is a service that does a great job of making SEO less complicated and giving you easy-to-understand insights to help you make decisions based on data. Use their tools to find out what kind of content works best in your niche.

Enter keywords related to your industry to find articles with the most social engagement, or enter the domain of a competitor to find out which of their articles do the best. You also have access to influencer searches, which let you find out who the most popular people are who share your content and the content of your competitors.

BuzzSumo is useful not only for researching competitors but also for coming up with content ideas, analysing keywords, and keeping an eye on backlinks. The only catch is that the limited premium plan only gives you 10 free searches a month, so make sure you use your credits wisely.