Integration of Deezer with HomePod mini and HomePod means you can ask Siri to choose and play your favorite music, making it a good alternative for Apple Music.

Now, HomePod mini and HomePod owners can play their favorite music using their Deezer subscription. The service has over 73 million songs in its catalog. You can listen to your favorite music from this vast selection by asking smart voice assistant Siri.

Above all, you can connect other music streaming services such as Spotify to your Apple HomePod through AirPlay. However, Deezer has introduced direct integration with various popular smart speakers.

HomePod and HomePod mini are the pair of  Apple’s intelligent speakers that utilize smart voice assistant Siri to allow users to control smart home devices, play songs with hands-free commands, and set reminders. When talking about HomePod, it is worth noting that the tech giant will soon discontinue its original full-sized smart speaker, HomePod. However, when shopping on Apple’s website, it is still available but in limited color choices.

HomePod was the first smart speaker that Apple announced in 2017, trailing the smart speakers like Google Home by one year and the Amazon Echo by three years. However, the ability of Siri to play music through voice commands has been limited to only the users who have iTunes music library or Apple Music membership. Many other widely popular music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music don’t tend to work perfectly with the voice assistant of the HomePod.

While all these major companies are still trying to reach a consensus with Apple, the music streaming platform has already done this. Deezer is a French online music streaming service.

Deezer has announced in a blog post that from now, HomePod users can play music from its music catalog using voice assistant Siri. But, to avail of this facility, the users will need to purchase the subscription plan of Deezer. Also, you have to install the Deezer app on your device running iOS 14.3 or above. Plus, you have to be careful enough to install the latest software on your smart speaker.

Once you complete all these requirements, after then, you can connect your Deezer account to your HomePod mini. For this, you have to open the Deezer app and then search for the settings section. Further, the user has to click on the option ‘Connect with HomePod.’ Now, once the music streaming service is synced with the smart speaker, you can ask Siri to play your favorite song or artist enjoying the music straight from the HomePod mini or HomePod.

Deezer: Besides Apple Music, It Is the Best Option For Homepod Owners

Spotify and Amazon Music, both music streaming services are better than Deezer in many respects and providing better streaming options. Here, the users need to remember that they can enjoy either Amazon Music or Spotify on HomePod mini or HomePod only by casting to a speaker using AirPlay or playing music on their iOS device.

Deezer offers some advantages beyond this and provides voice-controlled music for quick and straightforward playback. Apple Music also offers the same capability and serves to be the best music streaming service for the HomePod owners. It offers the best, flawless and pure integration. Meanwhile, Apple’s HomePod mini has gained some new abilities with the recently released 14.4 software update.

But, the changes will only be noticeable for the iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 users. The newly announced features are related to the custom U1 chip of the tech giant that is found in those three devices and allows for ultra-wideband communication between them.

The tech giant is going to use the U1 chip with a 14.4 software update. It will allow more accurate communication based on location with an iPhone 12 or iPhone 11. In simple terms, when you will bring your iPhone closer to your speaker, it will provide increasing haptic vibrations. These vibrations will show a notification on the screen allowing the users quick access to HomePod controls.

The notification further identifies the name of the smart speaker, HomePod min, and displays the last song played or whatever song is playing at the moment. Now, coming to Deezer, it undoubtedly offers some features and benefits that Apple Music can’t provide. The French music streaming service offers millions of lossless FLAC tracks to the users to make their choices.

It means the Deezer subscribers can send high-quality, uncompressed music files to their HomePod mini or HomePod for an excellent music listening experience. Additionally, it has hinted to offer support for the immersive, new audio technology. On the contrary, neither of the smart speakers offered by Apple supports 360 Reality Audio.

For the users not interested in the latest audio formats or highest quality music, Apple Music can be the best choice with HomePod or HomePod mini. Most specifically, the choice seems the best when you compare its subscription plans which costs $9.99 per month for the individual. On the contrary, Deezer charges $14.99 every month.

Still, many things are favoring the French music streaming service, Deezer. For example, it is far ahead of the game in comparison or Amazon Music or Spotify. Plus, it offers enough benefits and perks with its pricy subscription. It may be enough to attract and convince many HomePod users to go for its three-month free trial.


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