Here is actually the worst line in the patch notes. Not one, but 2"manys," however the upgrade simply includes three bullet points? Something about that just doesn't seem right. Are Buy MT 2K20 fans still left to figure what aspects of the game has been changed? I cannot talk to 2K's inspiration for offering such a small amount of text in recent notes, but I could say this style of communication comes off badly to the fanbase.It makes it appear that the folks who sign off on these patch notes do not feel the fanbase is smart enough to comprehend or interested in studying a thorough list of what has been fixed from the sport. It's hard to believe it's the latter when so many individuals have taken to whine about the brevity of the patch notes these days.

These comments are on Facebook just beneath the post:I love the way they stopped listing the fixes and instead go for nebulous"lots of repairs have been introduced". Good fixes. We have got the very best fixes. All of these" So for the 8th time in a row there's been many, many more fixes? Wow such a explanation thank you 2K!! Additionally, it makes it appear that 2K is trying to escape accountability in specific areas. It's almost as if there is generates more puzzle, which leads to specific questions about the game's issues.

That may work in advertising, but not in maintenance.EA falls short in many locations, and that I believe 2K makes better sports games overall. However, 2K could learn from EA when it comes to communication with its community. Recently, EA Madden NFL 20 had a significant server issue that resulted in a shut down of its Online Franchise mode.The publisher took a beating for this particular issue and suffered accusations that it prioritized Ultimate Team (a money-making mode with microtransactions) within its franchise attribute. While we can debate that issue for years, the truth is, EA communicated effectively and specifically about its own issue and quickly worked to make it resolved.

The notes that were released were detailed and inclusive. You didn't get the sensation that something was being left out after studying them. If 2K would employ this approach to the communicating around its own patches, it would remove the majority of the reasonable criticism that the sport receives.No sport is perfect.Everyone reasonable gamer knows this is true. There's not any such thing as releasing a"completed" match as some would suggest. Every game nowadays needs patches due to the number of variables online play creates.That said, publishers and developers would be best advised to be more transparent with their communications. It is better to openly talk about the cracks compared to have fans making negative assumptions that affect the writer's perceived ethics.

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