Certain decisions and preferences can have ripple effects far beyond the sink area. We recommend that you consider your sink and choose a pull out kitchen sink faucet as part of all major remodeling design decisions, not as an afterthought.

For example, if you decide to install an under mount sink, be sure to notify your contractor early on so they can install the sink before the countertop. Also, carefully measure all the space around the sink area to make sure you choose elements that will fit the space. If there are cabinets above the sink, measure the distance from the sink's deck to the bottom of the upper cabinet to determine the ideal faucet height. You don't want to wait until a plumber tries to install the faucet only to find out it's too high.

This is your chance to retrofit, troubleshoot and fix any incompatibility with your current sink setup, from minor annoyances to major hindrances. Some common examples:

How many times have you started cleaning or prepping vegetables in the sink only to find them filled with dirty dishes? If this has happened to you, it might be time to invest in a small prep sink for your kitchen island.

Do you have back or neck pain after spending time in the sink? You may not feel like you're straining, but over time, repetitive stretches and hyperextension can take their toll. Find a sink that fits your body better.

If the counter and floor around your sink look like a splash zone, the problem may be a mismatched sink and faucet. If paired with a shallow sink, tall or "high arc" faucets with ends 8-10 inches above the sink basin tend to push the water.

An oversized sink might be perfect for some jobs, but a hindrance for others. Think about how you use your sink most often. An oversized farmhouse sink is a great choice if your sink space doubles as another prep area where you often wash and prep vegetables or fill large pots with water.

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