The purchase price of OSRS gold power is Peacemaker who casts a prayer on the shrine; this will cut every soldier in that armies stats in half. The Balancer then throws his/her spell on the shrine which starts the process of equilibrium; this will stop the armies soldiers out of using special attack.

Next is the Druid's turn, they must set the 6 candles of equilibrium they were given in the beginning around the shrine, then lighting them. The Saint is the final part before the Blessmaster can complete the job, He/She must cast their spell which will produce a sanctuary of balance all around the shin, this can consist of trees, bushes, a pond, and other nature scenery; this is going to set the stage to your Blessmaster.

He is undoubtedly really important. Once at a palace he has to get to the shrine, were his followers have created a Sanctuary of Balance. He should then Operate the Novel of Guthix' Knowledge.

He will start to draw upon the nature in the room. After a minute of chanting a massive burst of light will conquer the room and also the shrine will transform to a small trinket. He must then take the trinket, return into the Guthix Castle, and place it on the Guthix Alter. This will ruin the Trinket, along with the military of that god. Then the cycle starts again to buy RuneScape gold another army.