Rubber hot water bag is a kind of rubber sheet-like product, which is a thin plastic bag used for storing hot water. An empty bag made of rubber, usually square, with a hot water inlet and outlet at one end, sealed with a plug, mostly a screw plug. Its use method is to pour hot water to play the role of heating.

It is composed of a hollow rubber bag body, metal screw mouth, metal and non-metal screw cap, and rubber pad. It is produced by the method of pasting and molding with calendered film and molding and vulcanizing. Available in NR or SBR. The rubber compound is heat-resistant and anti-aging. It is used to store hot water for patients or the elderly to maintain body temperature, and the unique design is smaller than the contact area of the human body to reduce the heat release rate of the hot water bag, which can better keep it warm.

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