FIFA has ended; long live FIFA 23 Coins. The world's largest football simulation company has returned for one last moment of glory following a public split with its licensor called it "The World's Game" ahead of a painful name change to EA Sports FC which is due next year. The tagline, however, transcends its bittersweet appeal because, for all intents and purpose, FIFA 23 appropriately feels like the same game all over the world for the past several months, and with steady games that last for a long time and its familiar frustrations.

Even at the end of an era FIFA 23 marks another year of cautious attrition by EA as numerous strategic and aesthetic changes are incorporated into its solid game plan. But it's also an entry that feels both anchored and consumed by its Ragnarok status, reluctantly pulling down a ruby-red final curtain as the football game genre is thrown into a tidal wave of chaos.

Theatrical elements to gameplay, like the ferocious Power Shots, ensure that the FIFA name is released with a bang and not an eerie whimper. By holding the bumpers while pressing shoot transforms your striker into an attack boss, by launching an unstoppable attack as the camera pulls focus on the ball as they leather it with bootstrap shockwaves that roar through the PS5's controller speaker. If you've chosen the wrong angles wrong, FIFA 23's newly improved goalkeepers can be skilled enough to stop it using their own simulated fingers which have saved my bacon on several occasions.

Be sure to do it right when the forward is able to move the shot is likely to land in the net's back no matter how far out you are. This type of shot is a hint of the glorious times that Francesco Totti hit-and-hope long shots seen in early 2010s FIFA But don't panic as online multiplayer continues to be plagued with speedy wingers passing the ball across the net on the break. It's a good idea to try and have fun isn't it?

While it's difficult to avoid the perennial issue of being a bit dependent on speedy players, FUT 23 buy Coins does reward good execution across the board. My fingers hurt from pressing the triggers to play dangerous counter-attacks. The force of a pass must be tuned, which can be difficult to master, but it is rewarding when you get an ideal through ball.