In a brand new video feature, GameSpot dives into NBA 2K23 to look at what's added since last year's version. Sure, the normal modifications like roster overhauls or stat adjustments are here but there's more to mt 2k23 it more than the usual tweaks. The latest installment of the NBA 2K series allows you to interact with famous players, play a brand new MyPlayer mode, and more.

If you're looking to get a quick review of what NBA 2K23 has to offer, GameSpot's latest video feature above should do the trick.NBA 2K23

While in college, one my favorite escapes between and after classes was playing the NBA 2K franchise and, specifically, career mode. I invested hours in each version of the game for a long period of years, whether it was as a point guard on the Heat or Lakers or somewhere else in the league.

Since the years have passed by, my involvement with 2K has greatly diminished in part due to my enjoyment of playing different games, but largely because of the repetitive aspect of 2K franchise. It's been nearly two dozen years since I last played the NBA 2K game.

Going back to the most recent edition of 2K23 it brought pleasant surprises and some frustrating finds as well. There were some changes made to improve the game- like in MyTEAM -but there were also some aspects which seem to miss the point.Coming again to the most recent edition of 2K23 was a pleasant experience, with pleasant surprises and some frustrating findings too. There were some tweaks made to improve the gamesimilar to MyTEAMand also some elements that seem to miss the main point.

The first thing I did once I started the game was to immediately switch to career mode and begin creating my player. Aspects of that process have been altered and improved in that they limit the potential of skill points and the ability to compare what kind of player you've created.As opposed to the last moment I participated, it is now possible to pick the team you'd like to go to.To ensure that Anthony Davis to play center I built an agile power forward that could throw everything down, take advantage of boards and defend from the rim. This player then made the Lakers.

Your first game will be the finals of the Las Vegas Summer League and how well you perform there is a factor in determining your initial position in the regular season.Kendrick Nunn took part during the Summer League alongside me, which is not a realistic scenario purely because it is not his intention to buy Nba 2k23 mt play as a player for the Lakers and not for any other reason. I took the win and was awarded a place in the rotation for the coming season.