If you just started using MyTeam this year, you will face challenges and numerous lineups, or just looking for stable cards that you can get within your budget, then you will focus on some of the available Amethyst cards. Seeing how effective low-cost amethyst is in your product lineup may surprise you. Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT will help you get a richer selection, and I screened all the amethyst point guards in MyTeam to determine who has the goods. My top priority is a card with at least a gold clip badge. Without this badge, your players will be at a disadvantage to most of the opponents you face online. From there, I looked at size, speed, three-point shooting, dunk ability, fluency of jump shots, and the overall effect of the dribble animation.

5. Kirk Hinrich - Triple Threat

This is crucial for the unprecedented Chicago Bulls, and thanks to Hinrich's 93 steal rating, 91 three-point shooting and 6'4 "height, this card is what you can find the most balanced one. Not because his 89 speed and 25 dunks are moderate, I hope he scores higher.

4. Dennis Schroder - Moments of the Week 9

Speed is not an issue with Schroder Moments cards. With a speed rating of 95, he can keep up with almost any point guard you can find. Schroder's slam dunk is less than I expected 45, and he is only 6'1, which is another problem. However, his dribble animation is great and he has the ability to knock down three-pointers (83) and pick up pockets (84).

3. Chris Paul - Dwight Howard Spotlight Series II

CP3 is the best player on this list in real life, but in MyTeam, the amethyst version of the future "Fame of the Hall of Fame" is the three best of its kind. The card also has a 93 speed and steal level to activate. If you need a strong PG, it is worth investing a small amount of money in MT to add him to your lineup. By Buy 2K20 MT, you will be able to expand your selection and get stronger cards.

2. Norm Nixon - Token Rewards

The card easily gets the best dribble animation among other drivers on this list. Debbie Allen's husband (Google it) is one of the most interesting guardians. He also slammed back with a slam dunk of 80, which made him particularly effective at chopping. Unfortunately, he only shot three shots with a 79 and had a steal rating of 79. His fast jumper animation and the overall simplicity of the dribble fill that gap.

1. Lonzo Ball - Moments of the Week 10

All things considered, the amethyst ball in Week 10 of the Moments series is the best PG in its gem level. Ball's height is 6'6 ", which gives him undeniable passive power. He has a high three-pointer and scored 83 points in both categories. His 85 dunk score and The combination of his height makes him one of the best PGs at any level.