What Is Combine Harvester


A combine harvester is a machine that combines the functions of reaping, threshing, and cleaning cereal crops. It cuts the crop, threshes the grain from the straw, and then separates the chaff from the grain. This allows farmers to efficiently harvest their crops and save time and labor compared to traditional methods. The combine harvester is particularly useful for large-scale cereal crop production.


There are several types of harvesters that are designed for different types of crops and farming operations. 


  1. Combine Harvester: combine harvesters are machines that combine the functions of reaping, threshing, and cleaning cereal crops. They are best suited for large-scale cereal crop production.

  2. Forage Harvester: These machines are used to cut, chop, and collect silage, hay, and straw. They are typically used to harvest forage crops such as corn, alfalfa, and grasses.

  3. Potato Harvester: These machines are used to harvest potatoes, carrots, and other root crops. They typically have a digging mechanism to loosen the soil and a conveyor system to lift the crops out of the ground.

  4. Sugar Cane Harvester: These machines are specifically designed for harvesting sugar cane. They cut the cane at the base, remove the leaves and trash, and transport the cane to the processing facility.

  5. Fruit Harvester: These machines are used to harvest fruit such as apples, oranges, and peaches. They typically have a shaking mechanism to dislodge the fruit from the tree and a conveyor system to transport the fruit to a collection point.

  6. Turmeric Harvester: Turmeric is typically harvested manually by using a hoe or a plow to loosen the soil and then manually digging up the rhizomes. These machines can reduce the labor required for turmeric harvesting, increase the speed of the process, and improve the quality of the rhizomes by minimizing damage during harvest. However, these machines are not widely used in the turmeric farming industry and are mostly used in large-scale commercial turmeric farming.

These are some of the common types of harvesters which are used to harvest various types of crops based on the need and requirements. The specific type of harvester used will depend on the type of crop being harvested, the scale of the operation, and the specific needs of the farmer or grower.


Most Popular Brand Harvester.


The harvester machine is made with a combination operation i.e. Winnowing, Reaping, and threshing harvester used in different crops.

  • Dasmesh 9100 Maize - Dasmesh is the chief in many products itself-harvester combine tractor-driven harvester combine, rotavator, roto seed drill, maize self, and harvester combine.

  • Shaktimaan Paddy Master 3776 -

  • John Deere W 50 Grain Harvester 

  • Kubota Harvesking DC - 68 G- HK-

  • Mahindra Arjun 605 - 

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