According to reports, today all Xbox users' Ark: Survival Evolved servers are turned off. Unfortunately, this interruption has not been planned because of the developer, nor is it for maintenance reasons. 

DualShockers has obtained everything about the sudden server outage, for example, the official response from a single of the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved. But on the store, players still can cheap Buy ARK Items anytime.
For those who are trying to jump into the Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox today, you may have noticed that the server is currently closed. The Ark team failed to give a specific reason behind the interruption, even so, the developers have responded to this situation.

According to Dollie, product manager of Ark: Survival Evolved, the group is "investigating the situation from the Xbox server with the engineers and console."These issues often only affect issues on Xbox, though the outage also can affect other platforms. If you are currently experiencing server issues while connecting to Ark: Survival Evolved, the problem may be in connection with this.
Unfortunately, the team wouldn't give a period on how long the server will be de-activated, however, they are investigating whatever we said. We wouldn't like the server for being down for days. Please pay attention to the official Ark: Survival Evolved Twitter account into account the latest news.

Although it isn't good news for Xbox users which the Ark: Survival Evolved server has been de-activated, this might be due to the influx of people playing the brand new DLC Genesis 2. You can buy Cheap ARK Items to prepare for Ark 2.

Ark: Genesis 2 will probably be the last DLC of Ark: Survival Evolved, as developers start to focus on the expected sequel Ark 2.