If you are into League Accounts , this article is for you. Check out our overview of the LoL ranking system. In order to be ranked, you have to participate in Ranked plays. To reach a new rank, one needs to pass 10 placement matches. The system assesses the player’s performance, their wins, losses, contribution to how their team performs, and more, and provides them with a rank indicating their skill level.

League of Legends Tiers/Ranks and Divisions

The terms Tiers and Ranks are used interchangeably in the LoL community, so don't get confused by this.

Anyway, there are the nine competitive ranks in League of Legends, from lowest to highest.










Now that you’re familiar with the ranks, you should also know that some of these ranks are divided into four divisions. These are ranked from four to one, with four being the highest, and one the lowest rank division. All except the Master, GrandMaster, and Challenger ranks are divided into divisions.

At the point when you earn 100 LPs in the first division, you are given a chance to climb to a division above. To do so, you have to play a promotion series and win the majority of the games in the promo.

You will need to win at least two out of three games to climb between divisions, and at least three out of five to move between ranks. Of course, if a player loses a game after game, he or she can get to the point of 0 LP. This can lead to them being demoted to a lower division. This whole system is often called the LoL Ranking Ladder.

Rank Distribution

The League of Legends competitive season takes place once per year where Riot Games releases a ranking distribution for each ranking tier. The rank distribution is updated every season for the Solo Queue and Draft Ranked Flex Queue as well.

Here is a rough rank distribution breakdown to give you an idea of what the League of Legends rank system looks like on the backend.

Iron – 5%

Bronze – 20%

Silver – 34%

Gold – 26%

Platinum – 10%

Diamond – 2%

Master – Less than 1%

Grandmaster – less than 1%

Challenger – Less than 1%

While the above breakdown will not be accurate, it is close to what the League of Legends rank distribution looks like. Since this changes for every season, the best thing you can do is confirm it yourself due to the frequent changes.

The majority of players will be ranked between the Bronze and Gold tiers. This is the average placing for most League of Legends players meaning only a smaller group can reach the Diamond bracket or higher. Irons is a small bracket since players can advance quickly from here and don’t spend much time here unless they don’t intend to play the game very often.

How MMR works in Rocket League

MMR, or match making rating, is a hidden value that determines the level of opponents that you will be matched up again. Take note that your MMR doesn’t necessarily describe your skill level, it is instead an algorithmically-derived number based on your win rate and performance designed to put you in the correct general area of difficulty. As you play games and either win or lose them, the game’s algorithm will adjust your MMR.

In competitive modes, your MMR is generally reflected directly in your player rank, with a certain range of MMR’s constituting each rank. The only exception to this rule is with Super Sonic Legend players, who have a minimum threshold to hold that title, but there is no upper limit on the MMR system. So there is a vast disparity between the lowest-ranked Super Sonic Legend players and the best players in the game who have managed to climb even higher in the MMR system by winning games, even after they maxed out their player rank.

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