The demand for sauces is rising with the busy lifestyles of people, and the increasing number of professionals in metropolitan cities with longer working hours. In addition, the increase in disposable income of people leads to the growing demand for ready-to-use food products, such as sauces. 

Sauces are usually used by individuals who do not have time to cooking, due to their busy schedules, which is why such ready-to-use condiments are utilized for preparing meals. 

In the U.S., people are turning health-conscious and avoiding unhealthy food. The rising focus on healthy food habits makes encourages people to adopt an organic diet and thus avoid the consumption of food products containing genetically modified organisms and artificial additives. 

The sauce manufacturers are also launching gluten-free products to cater for the need of diet-conscious customers. 

It could be seen that hot and spicy sauces are garnering huge popularity among foodies. As people are increasingly trying new cuisines, the demand for sauces is rising. Asian and Mexican cuisines are popular for their hot and spicy tastes. 

Numerous companies have initiated the addition of more natural ingredients to cater to the customers’ demand for new flavours.  Such new varieties of sauces are introduced in the market in smaller packages so that customers can try them, and decide if their taste buds like them or not. 

Jezebel sauce: It is believed to be originated from the gulf coast. The major ingredients used in this sauce are pineapple preserves, mustard, cayenne pepper, horseradish,  apple jelly, and black pepper. 

These ingredients are mixed in a bowl and blended till they become smooth. Before serving, it needs to be chilled. This sauce is widely used in burgers, sandwiches, cream cheese, and country ham. 

Old Sour: It is a widely popular sauce in the Bahamas, and Key West. It can be found in each, and every kitchen. The major ingredients used in this sauce are bird peppers, salt, sour oranges or key lime juices. 

It pairs well with raw or cooked seafood or conch chowders. This sauce can also be used in place of citrus juices or vinegar for salad dressing. 

Lobster Sauce: The lobster sauce is primarily used in Canadian-Chinese and American-Chinese cuisine. It has a mild flavor. A base of meat stock is utilized in its making instead soy sauce. There are numerous variations of this sauce. The major ingredients used in it are garlic, chicken stock, ginger, green onions, starch, eggs, and fermented beans. 

The major players operating in the industry are; The Kraft Heinz Company, Conagra Brands Inc., Del Monte Foods Inc., Edward & Sons Trading Company, Ken’s Foods Inc., C.H. Guenther & Son, and McCormick & Company Incorporated. 

Therefore, the consumption of sauces is rising in the U.S., due to the busy lifestyles and rising disposable income of people.