WoW Burning Crusade utilizes many parts of the Outland Map, allowing players to obtain the materials they need in many different locations. Although the Burning Crusade has changed, the location remains basically the same. The map of Outland is full of agricultural areas, and players can make full use of them to play the best role for the tribe or alliance.

As is the case with most MMORPGs, the characteristics of reaching endgame content are the need for resources, materials, and a way to make WOW TBC Classic Gold quickly. Fortunately, Outland provides players with many farming locations. Given the necessity of farming resources, some players may look for areas that are less crowded by other players.

Most players probably don't want to fight alone with the boss of World of Warcraft while collecting materials. The northwestern part of the Terrokar Forest is the Barrier Mountain, which is the main place for planting herbs and is most commonly used as a raw material for potions. Finding an effective route through the hills can exponentially increase the number of herbs collected, with minimal contact with the enemy.

Terrokar forest has a large number of agricultural sites. Although not all agricultural areas in the forest are banned from flying, some loot is worth competing with other players. If the elemental plateau is too crowded, Skettis provides an alternative method to collect water particles and fight the water elemental. However, players should be cautious in this area, as Alluvion may be too close.

Black Wind Lake is a unique and valuable fishing spot because it has a highland mixed school fish pond. Players looking for Mr. Pinchy should use this position as much as possible. Given that the Burning Crusade classic of World of Warcraft was only released a week ago, this field should still be relatively uncontroversial. If you are playing WoW TBC Classic, now is the best time to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold on the store, delivering fast and safe.

These locations appear in the form of areas where flight accessibility is prohibited. Before being able to reach the most profitable place, World of Warcraft players must acquire flying skills from their respective Alliance or Horde NPCs. Flying can be obtained from NPCs in Shadowmoon Valley at level 70, and flying mounts can be purchased at the same location. Alliance players should look for Ilsa Brewster in Barbara Fortress, and Horde players can train with Olrokk in Shadowmoon Village.