WeTest provides specialized cloud testing solutions, including automated testing and maintenance of platform and terminal hardware. Based on data center-level computer rooms and other infrastructure as a guarantee, the overall service stability can reach 99.9%, fitting the particular needs and circumstances of government and enterprise applications. test requirements listed below.


Private clouds are better for government enterprise applications with specific performance, scenario, and security compliance requirements since they are more dependable and safe than public clouds, as well as having advantages like stability, usability, and high scalability.


Tencent WeTest has profited from the tendency to introduce a comprehensive range of cloud test proprietary solutions, ranging from platform administration to automated testing, which can help government and business units swiftly develop unique equipment, sustainable services, and Receive a practical cloud test platform. the modern integration of several clouds and the quick growth of the industrial Internet.


IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are the three tiers on which the WeTest cloud testing proprietary cloud generates robust product functionalities. This cloud testing platform may provide users with full-link cloud automated testing capabilities, as well as in compatibility, function, performance, audio, etc., in a reliable, safe, efficient, and speedy manner. The field provides testing methods to improve the efficacy of R&D testing.