Crypto traders who are regularly investing in crypto can be worried about the security of their assets. And why shouldn't they? Eventually, they are investing their hard-earned bucks there. 

There is no dearth of crypto exchanges to trade and almost all of them claim to provide the best encryption for your account and funds. But the point is, how can you be assured that the exchange you are using is secure enough?

Well! I am going to introduce a tried and trusted platform to invest safely. Yes, the Robinhood crypto exchange is one of the most secure and trusted gateways to explore the crypto economy. And, another good thing is, you can also share the responsibility for the security of your account. 

Want to know, how? Let me dig deeper so you can get rid of scams, breaches and Robinhood login obstacles. 

Enable device approvals to upgrade security

I am going to provide the best way to safeguard your account by enabling the device approvals in your account. But, before that let me tell you- What are device approvals and why do you need them?

Device approvals

Device approvals are an additional security measure designed to protect your Robinhood account. Robinhood sends notifications to each of your mobile devices each time you update your account details or sign in to Robinhood on a new device to assure you’re actually doing it. You can approve the notice to carry with the activity or reject it quickly to safeguard your Robinhood account.

Steps to enable device approvals

If you’ve enabled the 2FA on your device, you’ll be getting a notification to approve the device automatically. But in case, you are not getting any such notifications, you can enable them manually by following the instructions outlined below.

  1. Open the app and accomplish the Robinhood login.
  2. Go to the icon that represents “Account” and thenceforth hit the hamburger icon.
  3. Pick up the “Settings” option from the dropdown menu to proceed.
  4. Thereafter, the “Security and privacy” option you will see there.
  5. Click it, and then press the button “Two-factor authentication”.
  6. Select “device approvals” and in the meantime, you’ll get the code in your registered mail or mobile number.
  7. Get that code, enter it on the following page and hit “Confirm”.

This is all you have to do to enable the device approvals. After this, whenever a Robinhood login will be performed using your login credentials, you will get a notification to confirm whether that device is yours or not.

Bottom line!

After going through this read, you will be able to provide an extra shield to your Robinhood account. In case, you are getting any unexpected notifications of device approval, it shows any suspicious activity is happening in your account, so you can click on the “Deny” option to protect your account from any fraud. And, it is strongly advised to immediately change your Robinhood login password. If you are not aware of the process to do so, you can visit the Robinhood support page where you can get intact guidance on password reset.