VivaAerobus allows the customers to cancel the flight for as long as they follow Vivaaerobus Cancellation Policy and delete the reservations within 24 hours of booking. One is eligible to cancel the flight on the same day or twenty-four hours of reservations only when booking is done seven days earlier than the departure date. If someone extends the restricted hours to cancel the flight, they might not seek the refund for the canceled flight. Furthermore, if someone follows the cancellation policy of VivaAerobus, they don’t have to pay for the flight Vivaaerobus Airlines Cancellation Policy.

How To Cancel VivaAerobus Flight?

There are two major options that you can choose to cancel the flight. You can cancel the flight either via online booking portal or through the experts. But none of them would be worthwhile for you to cancel the flight until you do the same as the procedure mentioned below in a sequence.

VivaAerobus Flight Cancellation Via Online Booking Portal

  1. Using the browser, you should initially access the official site.

  2. Then, you need to login your registered profile linked with the airline.

  3. After that, you are supposed to choose the Option, “My Booking.”

  4. With this, you need to enter your reservations details in the respective sections.

  5. Once you complete the respective details in the relevant section, you should press the search/Find the flight tab.

  6. Further, you should choose the flight that you want to cancel.

  7. Next, you need to continue with the cancel prompts.

  8. Lastly, you need to validate your cancellation prompts and get the notification to your registered phone number regarding the flight cancellations.

The same procedure you can apply while canceling the flight via Airlines VivaAerobus and can also get information about Vivaaerobus Telefono.

VivaAerobus Flight Cancellations Through Air Ticketing Executive

  1. Go to the official site and find the contact number.

  2. Then, you should dial the number and attend the IVR instructions carefully so that you would press the appropriate key to choose the service and language.

  3. With this, you need to allow the IVR to connect with the experts over a call

  4. Finally you can connect with the experts and ask them to cancel your flight.

How Do I Talk to the Experts at VivaAerobus Customer Service?

To prevent complications in connecting with the appropriate experts over a call, you should follow the sequence explained below.

  1. First and foremost, you should head out to the official web portal of VivaAerobus.

  2. After that, you are supposed to scroll down the page and look for the contact us option.

  3. By clicking on Contact Us, a new page will be open to your screen.

  4. Now, you should choose the phone number as per your citizenship.

  5. Next, you need to follow the same prompts as already discussed before.

In case you are unable to reach out to the experts due to any reason, you can switch to the next options such as email. But make sure that you mention your contact details while sending an email to VivaAerobus experts regarding callback. Otherwise, you only have to call them back.