The users who have been dealing with ETH or cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum blockchain eventually end up using MetaMask for their safe storage and we all know the reason behind the same. MetaMask is a well-known crypto wallet that not only helps you to store your crypto assets but also comes in handy in different ways. Before you started to use this user-friendly wallet, you must have made thorough research about it and its features might have attracted you.

However, no online program is free from technical glitches and the same is the case with MetaMask. Recently, a few users reported that the MetaMask Extension failed to load on their devices or they are not able to open it.

So, being a MetaMask user, it is your duty to resolve any such error as soon as possible for continuing the usage of this wallet service. Isn't it? In my opinion, you must first try to find out what is actually causing the problem, and this way you will be able to decide what should be your next move in this scenario.

Reasons why the extension is not loading 

Listed below are some of the most common reasons/factors that might be causing an issue with the MetaMask extension that is available on your Chrome web browser. As I know that you are curious to know the solution, I would suggest you take a look at the reasons first:

  • There is some technical issue with the web browser (it is outdated or incompatible)
  • In most cases, when the version of the MetaMask files is outdated, it leads to such issues
  • Not just that, but sometimes, a problem with the device can also lead to issues with the extension
  • If there is a virus in your system, the same could also lead to this issue
  • Additionally, when there is a problem with the data/internet connectivity, it may result in such issues

Now that I have given you a brief idea of what could be the main problem-causing agents, I want you to know the ways to get rid of these issues so that you can get back to working with the MetaMask extension once again.

By now, you must have already guessed or figured out a few troubleshooting ways. But, to help you achieve your goals in an in-depth manner, we are going to list all these solutions in a stepwise manner in the section to follow.

Getting rid of issues with the MetaMask extension

  • The very first thing that you can try in this scenario is- restart your device as it helps refresh the working of all the programs available on your device
  • In addition to this, you can force stop your web browser and then restart it
  • You can also check for the available update for the Chrome web browser and then install it
  • If the problem continues, please uninstall and re-add the MetaMask extension
  • Remove browsing history, Cache, Cookies, etc., or fix internet-related issues

To Sum Up: 

At the end of this article, all I would like to say is it is very important that you resolve any major or minor issue with your crypto wallets as soon as you start facing them. Since resetting a wallet in any condition is not recommended, therefore you should avoid doing the same.