The most beautiful world paintings ever!

Reading the language of artistic paintings is a unique skill that only those who have a high artistic sense and good taste in this prestigious field can enjoy! We all know that the success of any painting depends on its deep meaning, which it hides in its details, which are drawn through the brushes of colors held by those who appreciate art and know what their fingers are doing. Today we have prepared for you a modest online exhibition that includes a bouquet of the most beautiful paintings in the world that have won great admiration over many years to this day. Learn with us about some of the most beautiful world-famous paintings!

The most beautiful world famous paintings

The Last Supper painting


The Last Supper was painted by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci between 1495 and 1498.

The Last Supper is one of the most prominent names of the most famous international paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, and it was painted in Milan, specifically in the church of Santa Maria delle Grassi. The painting shows Christ sitting at the dining table with his disciples and the character “John” presented by the novel as Mary Magdalene. What distinguishes this painting are the expressions and details that can be observed with great precision in all the features of the characters.


Card players board

The Card Players painting by Paul Cézanne is the third most expensive painting in the world, one of which was sold for $250 million.

Next in the list of the most beautiful international paintings is the group of card players, which is considered one of the most beautiful oil paintings in the world in the post-impressionist period! Group boards differ from each other in their size and the number of players drawn in them.

Scream board

There are good reasons why the scream painting is part of the most famous international paintings, as it is one of the most powerful expressive paintings ever! The painting embodies the state of mind of the feelings of panic and fear that the artist himself felt while standing on a bridge under a blood-red sky and above a black sea, leaving his two friends to continue their journey.

The Scream was painted by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch in 1893

the Mona Lisa painting

the Mona Lisa painting

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is in the Louvre Museum in Paris

You may wonder about the hidden secret behind the great success that makes the Mona Lisa the most famous and most beautiful painting in the world! The mysterious smile and the sharp look with which the seated lady looks in all directions without moving are among the factors that distinguish this painting from others! That is why you find it one of the best paintings that everyone who sees it admires, so that the number of its visitors reaches nearly 6 million people per year, which is a very huge number!

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