eCommerce marketplace is the most competitive field for making the existence of your business, for that many online store enterprises trying to make their online stores through different eCommerce development platforms.

XT Commerce is one of their advanced online store development platforms. XT Commerce is an open-source eCommerce web development platform that offers multifunctional features and security. That’s why many eCommerce development companies offer XT commerce development services for their clients.


What is XT Commerce?

XT Commerce is a free open-source eCommerce shopping cart software with a wide range of online store functionality with dynamic as well as premium eCommerce shopping cart systems. XT Commerce easily manages broad eCommerce sales with simple web cart systems.

There are many eCommerce shopping cart web development platforms available such as WooCommerce development, Shopify development, Magento development, and more. Here is the learn to about how to migrate from XT Commerce to the WooCommerce platform.


Step -1 Create a source account

First of all, create a source account such as an XT commerce account and enter XT commerce store URL into it and set up the connector. This process makes contact with your source cart with the target cart.


Step -2 Create a target account

Set up a target cart account such as WooCommerce as a target cart and enter your WooCommerce store URL and proceed to migrate your source cart to a targeted cart source.


Step -3 Select the database for migration

After setting up both side migration accounts such as the source account and target account select the data that you want to migrate from XT Cart to WooCommerce cart. Match both side languages, locations, and order statuses to display together in the new store.


Step -4 Proceed to migrate

The final step is to start your migration process from XT Commerce to the WooCommerce platform. When the migration process starts, it will be continuously running even if you stop your browser and your data will be migrated to a new store as your target place.

It is an easy and straightforward step to migrate from XT Commerce cart to the WooCommerce cart or any other eCommerce platform to the WooCommerce platform.


Bottom line

XT Commerce is one of the custom eCommerce development platforms that will enable you to develop your shopping cart with a customized online store. With an open-source background, it can easily to your XT Commerce shopping cart manage and also migrate with other eCommerce platforms.