What this overhaul does is alter World of Warcraft from a game that is organised geographically, as a monumental odyssey through its WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold numerous storied landmasses, to one which is organised chronologically. No, scratch that - narratively. WOW is no longer set over its entire history. It is set over the previous couple of years. You can choose out of that if you want, but the sport as great as points out to you that you are bending the rules to achieve this and taking an unwarranted trip to the past. Why return?

There is no reason to mind this. All that stuff is still there for you in the event that you need it - indeed, so is your first, gruelling grind through the older world, in the form of WOW Classic. Moment-to-moment, the game is a lot better for the fluctuations, particularly for new players. A bewildering and intimidating beast of an MMO is now, if hardly small, then seductively streamlined. For the first time in a long, long time, the heights seem within reach from the foothills.

It is just odd, for me personally, a game I always felt was about its places has put its narrative integrity first. It's strange to see 14 years' worth of landscape and experience - 14 years that I lived and levelled, fought and walked - filed away where they won't irritate anyone, unless they go looking. It is the correct call, it just makes me wistful.

I am definitely rolling another brand new character though.

Amid a slowed lineup of traffic came the unmistakable sound of one tree after another snapping and falling.

"Trees were falling left and right," Ewing said, after he parked in a nearby rest area. "Everybody's being flipped around.

Ewing shared photographs on Facebook of the neighboring fire's orange glow, and trees going up on a nearby hillside -- how nearby was difficult to tell in the dark.

Scenes like that were repeated across much of the state, as a predicted windstorm came to pass amid high fire threat, sending trees toppling onto homes and highways and causing wildfires to spread quickly, such as one that closed Highway 97 north of Chiloquin.

By late Monday night, based on ODOT TripCheck, a nearly 70-mile stretch of Highway 22, west from the intersection with Highway 20, was closed due to the fires and downed trees. State Highway 126 was cheap TBC Classic Gold closed by a wildfire, four kilometers west of McKenzie Bridge.