In the Ark game, we need various resources, so metal is one of the basic resources you need to find when you play Ark: Survival and Evolve. It is generally difficult to find because it is usually stored in dangerous areas on the map. This resource is used to craft various items, so you must know where to look and how to get them.

Fortunately, it is a bit simpler than you think, but make sure you are prepared to deal with some rather dangerous creatures and landscapes. If you need metal to make the items you need, then you must first mine it in Ark: Survival and Evolve. You can get them through the following methods. In addition, if you don't want to spend a lot of time collecting them, you can go to to buy cheap ARK Items. It is very convenient and fast.

Where did you find the metal?
Metals can be found in rocks, but different types produce different amounts. There are ordinary metal rocks, but rich metal rocks with golden tones will bring you the greatest success. Some players choose to build their base near them. You can hit ordinary rocks, although they will only give you some debris compared to rocks that look brighter.

Finding metal is usually a more dangerous adventure, because no matter what map you are playing with, these special rocks are usually located near these natural formations: mountain tops, caves, rivers, bays, deep water.

The richest metal deposits are located on the top of the mountain, but be careful when going down the mountain, because it is easy to fall and lose all your hard work.

How do you harvest it?
Metals must be mined from rock, and it is easier to add this resource to your inventory compared to oil. There are several ways to guarantee to help you make the most of it. The best item to use is a metal pickaxe, but any pickaxe can be used because it can help you dig the rocks to the maximum.

If you prefer to use taming, then you should consider placing ankylosaurus under your control. Not only can it carry a lot of metal, but if you increase its melee damage, it can also allow you to break rocks faster.

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