Get a top-notch SEO tool without paying a high monthly cost. You have free access to cutting-edge features through Neil Patel's Ubersuggest that can help you rise in the rankings. A large number of these capabilities are exclusive to paid versions of competing SEO tools.

URL Opener

A Multiple URL opener is a free tool which is beneficial for SEO consultants as they can open multiple links in a single go. It is highly endorsed by the most renowned experts in the SEO field.

Reverse engineer the strategies of your rivals to see what makes them work. In order to acquire the correct audience to read our article, we need to find popular organic keyword phrases. Get hundreds of keyword recommendations using the keyword tool, from broad terms to long-tail phrases. To produce content that performs well in rankings, you must understand the issues that interest your audience. Discover the top websites to contact for backlinks to increase your internet presence.

If you want to increase traffic without spending any money, Ubersuggest is highly recommended.

Keyword Explorer

Without putting too much time and effort into researching search recommendations and examining their monthly search counts, you may determine whether a keyword is worthwhile to pursue. With Surfer SEO's Keyword Surfer, you can quickly determine the average search volume for a keyword straight in your Chrome browser. By providing the information you require in the search field, this browser plugin shortens the drawn-out process of keyword research.

The metrics that are shown by Keyword Surfer in addition to search volumes include cost per click, monthly traffic, and content word count. Additionally, a correlation chart that displays the effects of each ranking element on a particular keyword is produced. This Surfer SEO tool is completely free in contrast to other ones that require costly subscriptions.

Search Console by Google

Utilizing Google's own tools is one of the simplest ways to enhance your site's performance on Google Search. There are many tools in the Google Search Console that can be used to better understand how the search engine functions and how to make your website more visible in it.

Utilize the Index Coverage Report to learn which pages are not indexed. Use the Mobile Usability tool to check your website's mobile friendliness. Use Search Console reports to keep an eye on AMP sites, track rich results, and find problems with your website. To learn how to optimise your content, examine clicks, impressions, and ranks.

To use the Search Console's capabilities, all you need is a Google Account.

Webmaster Tools for Bing

Do you want your website to perform better on other search engines? You can optimise your website for Microsoft Bing using the entire array of free SEO tools provided by the Bing Webmaster Tools.

Investigate your website with diagnostic tools to look for SEO problems. Utilize cutting-edge tools to examine backlinks, perform keyword research, and enhance Bing page rankings. Create reports and get notifications for each of your sites.

There is no excuse not to optimise your website for this particular search engine as all of the SEO tools on Bing Webmaster are free.


View the performance of your website and get suggestions on how to make it better. Use Measure, a PageSpeed Insights-powered tool, to do a free site audit.

Measure uses the open-source Lighthouse to audit your website. It provides information on performance, SEO, and accessibility and offers doable suggestions for each area's improvement. Although it can be challenging for non-developers to grasp, it offers a more thorough site audit for better optimization.

Spider Screaming Frog SEO

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider identifies SEO problems and fixes them quickly. One of the quickest tools for site audit and investigation is this web crawler.

You can download and crawl only 500 URLs in the free edition. You must purchase the paid licence version and renew it yearly if you want unlimited audits. However, you already have access to useful tools and optimization features with the free version. Create sitemaps, examine information, search for broken links and problems, find duplicate pages, and audit attributes. Additionally, you get access to reports that let you focus on important tasks and avert any problems.

Animal Tool

After an upgrade, did your ranks suddenly drop? Utilize the Panguin Tool to learn why. You can determine if something went wrong with your site during the most recent Google update using this free SEO tool.

Panguin provides an interactive timeline where you can view algorithm updates in chronological order. It reveals the specifics of how an algorithm update affected the traffic to and ranking of your website. You also have the choice to sort updates by kind so you can assess the effect on particular channels.


Explore your website to find issues that hurt your search rankings, such as duplicate content, broken links, redirects, and more. Obtain a thorough SEO analysis and a comparison with other websites that Siteliner has scanned. For a better understanding of how you stack up against the competition, you can compare data like as page size, page load speed, word count per page, and others.

If your website contains no more than 250 pages, Siteliner will assess it for free once per month. Join Siteliner Premium for scanning and unlimited pages.