Dr. Singhi's clinic provides you with acne scar treatment and hair loss treatment in jodhpur as well as Udaipur. So if your acne scars upset you, you may be thinking about undergoing laser treatment to get rid of them. Will this treatment's effects, nevertheless, genuinely be long-lasting? Find out if laser therapy is the long-lasting acne scar treatment you're looking for by reading on.


How do acne scars occur? Are acne scars treatable?

Although acne doesn't often create scars, it can occasionally leave your skin with long-lasting markings. Acne scar Laser treatment in Jodhpur avails you the details of the discolouration that may occasionally be mild and should go away when the skin recovers. However, more severe scarring that alters the skin's texture is another possibility.


There are three primary categories of acne scars:

Boxcar scars- They are circular craters or pits in the skin.

Ice pick scars- They are larger puncture wounds that resemble punctures. Ice pick scars are larger puncture wounds that resemble puncture marks.


Rolling scars - Bands of thicker scar tissue that resemble ripples under the skin are known as rolling scars.

If you have severe acne with deep lesions like cysts and nodules, you are more likely to get scars. Scratching, popping, or picking at your spots increases the likelihood of infection and increases the danger of scarring. But skin treatment in Jodhpur makes you assured about the clean skin which you gonna get after the treatment.


It's crucial to visit a dermatologist if you notice any acne scarring because these scars are typically permanent. By preventing new spots from emerging, acne treatment can reduce the risk of scarring. 


Laser therapy is one of the most widely used methods of treating acne scars. Mild to severe scarring can be treated with lasers in a number of different ways, including:


A small area of skin around the scar will be removed using ablative laser therapy. The skin should appear more smooth after it grows back. Although it isn't as successful on severe scars as surgical excision, this technique can be utilised on deeper scars.

Non-ablative laser therapy doesn't remove any skin, but by promoting collagen creation, it can make acne scars look better. This will aid in the skin's natural regeneration and healing processes, which should enhance its appearance.

Another non-ablative laser treatment is fractionated laser resurfacing, which can be used to remove the substance that is colouring the water. Returning the scar's colour to that of the surrounding skin can be beneficial. 

So acne scar treatment in Jodhpur is the first choice for you if you are thinking about any such treatment. You can get to know more about us through call or mail.